[Video] California Man Removing Severed Leg of a Person From Track and Eating It Goes Viral

Published:Mar 25, 202411:08
[Video] California Man Removing Severed Leg of a Person From Track and Eating It Goes Viral

Friday morning, police apprehended a California man who was walking around holding the severed leg of an individual who had been hit by a train and lost a leg. According to TimesNow, this incident took place in California, US, and was reported by the media outlet.

In the morning, at around 8 AM, the victim was hit by a train at the Amtrak station in Wasco.

Video of a California Man Removing the Severed Leg of a Person From Track Goes Viral

There has been an extremely disturbing video of this incident that has gone viral on the internet and has spread across all social media platforms. It can be seen in the video that an individual is swinging a severed leg in the air.

The man, it is claimed, was spotted by bystanders doing the unexpected while he was out walking. In addition, it was also possible for the man to be seen nibbling on the leg and eating it as well.

According to the police, the man pulled the limb from the railroad tracks at the Amtrak station in Wasco, west of Bakersfield, where the railroad tracks are located. MSN reported that the man appeared unbothered in the video, even when approached by responding officers. When the culprit faced the camera, he even waved briefly.

According to initial reports, the accused seemed unconcerned about holding the severed leg. He was unaffected by bystanders and police officials who approached or recorded him.

In the video, the man laughs hysterically, making eye contact with the person recording the video. Additionally, a voice can be heard in the background saying in English, “He’s eating that s***.”

It has been confirmed by HuffPost that the suspect's identity is Resendo Tellez, 27, who is 27 years old. Police were later able to locate him and apprehend him as a result of their investigation, according to Kern County Sheriff's Office. A number of warrants were outstanding for Resendo Tellez, including several warrants for removing evidence from the accident scene.

The suspect's identity has been confirmed as Resendo Tellez, 27 years old, according to HuffPost. The Kern County Sheriff’s Office stated that he was later found and apprehended by police. Resendo Tellez was arrested for removing evidence from the accident scene and on multiple warrants.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office reported that Tellez was arrested for multiple outstanding warrants and for taking evidence from the scene.

Officials also responded to a case where a woman was struck by a train. This incident occurred roughly 40 kilometers northwest of Bakersfield at Amtrak Station.

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