[WATCH VIRAL VIDEO] MMS video of Shelly Kipgen leaked

Published:Apr 2, 202418:13
[WATCH VIRAL VIDEO] MMS video of Shelly Kipgen leaked
MMS video of Shelly Kipgen leaked

The internet is currently buzzing about famous Kuki actress Shelly Kipgen. It's alleged that her private video was leaked. Millions of views and clicks have followed since then.

Any relevant source hasn't yet verified the video's authenticity. Plus, many cannot find the video as it is claimed to have been removed from the internet.  It's not the first time a content creator's name has been used in a fake MMS leak scandal. There is not much information available on the topic at this time. 

Even Shelly Kigpen hasn’t released any official statement addressing the alleged leak scandal. 

A MMS video allegedly leaked 

Netizens on Twitter have sparked a debate over privacy police and consent rights over MMS news. Moreover, the source of the news is unclear. 

Despite her name being dragged into the negative limelight, some support her while others criticize her for using fake publicity. As a result, we urge our readers not to jump to conclusions until relevant sources address the issues. 

Lately, there have been many such incidents where private videos and photos are leaked on social media without the person’s consent. Proper laws and regulations must be introduced to tackle such situations in the future. 

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