Martingale System: Does it Work?

While you may not find many pros using the Martingale system to win their games, the practice is not foreign to the casino world. It developed in the eighteenth century, modeling itself after the basic principle of the St. Petersburg paradox and since then novices have flogged the casino thinking about how to make their millions fast.  For beginners, you may have heard about the system or be eager to apply the knowledge of it. However, just like every other system created to help gamblers win, it is not infallible.

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The Martingale system applies the logic of probability to common mathematicians. By applying the principle, all you have to do is multiply every bet you lose and keep the cycle going until you win. For example, if you bet $1 and lose, you are expected to stake $2 on your next bet. If you bet $4 and lose, your next bet should be $8. This multiplication goes on until you eventually win, in which case your winning will bring back all your losses. Does this work?

Is Martingale Legal? 

The martingale system has caused many casino lovers a lot of trouble because they don’t know how to apply it. The system’s logic will not apply for high stakes running at consecutive losses, which may be very catastrophic. Since the euphoria of a casino may get players carried away, they cringe when they realize how much they’ve lost. This has been the major reason why so many players question the legality of the system.

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Sadly, the system is very legal in most casinos. It has been for a long time and will continue to exist. Casino houses love it. They don’t get to lose much, or even at all. Even when you think you’ve won, you are only getting the bet back and the money you’ve lost in return. There’s no new money involved.

Also, the system provides a higher house edge and offers just a small net reward, which the casino finds very profitable. Also, the system is very adaptive to many casino games. The most famous casino game where the martingale system is most widely practiced is roulette. Players can also adapt to the system when playing blackjack and slots.

Does It Work?

This depends on many factors as well as the player. The most important thing is to understand that this applies when you have a winning strategy and stick with a cool game with tactics and plans. Also, using the martingale system can only be for a short time when recouping your losses makes sense instead of piling up losses that you may never win back. For instance, it would be a terrible idea to play slots with the martingale system for a long time.

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Also, the martingale system will not work for a game that comes with a table limit. This is common with roulette, so once you have reached your table limit, you can no longer double your bets. This way, even if you eventually win, you wouldn’t have been able to recoup all the losses.

Is Martingale Risky?

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Martingale System: Does it Work? 1

The win and loss outcomes are very independent, and they are distributed at equal variables. This is why it isn’t easy to use other people’s experiences to influence yours. This system is ideal for beginners or players looking to accumulate small wins within a very short time.

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Martingale can bring you a small win, but since it is based on the principle of regression, it is extremely risky for higher bets. In addition, the martingale system requires a lot of money that beginners don’t always have, and the odds are pretty much 50/50.

We always advise that you practice the martingale system on free demo games you may find online. has some of these games. Playing free and practicing virtually will give you the feel and better understanding of how to apply the martingale system on your games.

Concluding Thoughts

Does the martingale system work? Yes, it does, but if you want to make a meaningful win out of it, you may want to be mathematical in your approach and consider other options. The most important thing is to ensure there is no table limit on your favorite game and always play strategically for a short time. There is absolutely nothing illegal about it, only that it is important to know when to opt out. Do not wait until you are bankrupt before you pull out of the game.

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