Know extra about AIDS, theme, and significance of World AIDS Day

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World AIDS Day 2020: World AIDS Day is celebrated worldwide on 1 December. The day is to raise awareness about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV causes AIDS when it is left untreated. AIDS is a condition that interferes with the body’s ability to fight infection. The human body cannot get rid of HIV and there is no effective cure. In the last four decades, millions of people have lost their lives due to HIV / AIDS.

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Theme And Importance Of World AIDS Day 2020

US Government Theme for World AIDS Day 2020 HIV / AIDS pandemic ending: Resilience and impact. This year is particularly important because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has reinforced the urgency to eliminate HIV / AIDS worldwide.

The theme of World AIDS Day 2020 reminds us of everything that can be achieved when we simultaneously focus on impact by delivering high quality services for the treatment and prevention of HIV, which are needy. It also focuses on tackling stigma and discrimination against people with HIV. The report confirms the role of resilience, which enables HIV / AID-infected individuals to meet the challenges associated with infection. Even under adversity, reports.

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How do you infect by HIV?

HIV is present in the body fluids of someone living with the virus. These fluids include blood, breastmilk, vaginal fluid, semen, and pre-semen fluid, and rectal fluid. When an infected person’s body fluids enter your blood through a mucous membrane, a person can become infected with HIV – the rectum, vaginal lining, penis sharing, injecting devices, or broken Skin wound in the mouth.

Body fluids, such as saliva, urine or sweat, do not contain enough HIV to be transmitted from person to person.

If a person infected with HIV has an unexpected viral load, it means that the treatment has reduced the amount of virus in the blood. At levels where it cannot be detected by normal blood tests. Such a person cannot get HIV.

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HIV can only be transmitted by individuals who have a detectable viral load. These people can spread the virus to others, whether they have symptoms or not.

The virus is most contagious during the first few weeks of infection. At this time, many people are unaware of their situation.

Note: This World AIDS Day, spread awareness about HIV / AIDS as much as possible.

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