How to Maintain Your European Cars and Transmission

Published:Nov 26, 202316:16
How to Maintain Your European Cars and Transmission
European Cars and Transmission

If there is one thing peculiar to the European brand of cars, it’s their classic build. More to this is also the quality performance and comfort they provide. To name a few manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Maserati, Audi, etc., they remain one of the top divisions in the automobile industry.

Even though these vehicles exude luxury and aesthetics, it doesn’t change the fact that they are fundamentally machines. And as such, you need to keep them in their utmost physical and functional shapes.

Maintenance services specific to European-made motors focus more on their engines and transmission systems. In this article, we’ll discuss some maintenance guides to ensure the splendid use of your car.

1.   Keep the Engine from Overheating

The engine is the combustion house, emitting heat as a by-product. To regulate this process, the cooling structure is in place, conveying coolants and antifreeze from the engine to the radiator. This circulation repeatedly occurs to enable a relatively warm inner temperature.

However, if there is a problem with the cooling components, it results in overheating. It’s best to check the levels of coolants regularly. Also, it'll help if you seal all leaks to prevent your engine from steaming.

2.   Gauge and Maintain the Oil

Oil is a crucial lubricant to the engine, judging by the ton of moving parts it has. Making sure there is adequate quantity keeps them running freely. As you use your car, the lubricant reduces in volume. You must check the level frequently to compensate for that and use filter changes to preserve viscosity.

3.   Replace the Transmission Pan Gasket

With time, your pan gasket will either crack or wear out. The downside of not having this fixed is transmission fluid leakage. When that happens, there will be a mechanical problem involving your gears. Although if yours is durable, constant cleaning might suffice.

4.   Change the Transmission Fluid

Like the engine oil, your transmission fluid needs scheduled replacement for your car’s optimized function. After a while, the liquid might pack up dirt and other contaminants leading to some abrasive actions capable of wearing the transmission.

Experts advise car owners to drain and refill their transmission fluid according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

5.   Always ensure the Transmission is Clean

If you stay in a dusty area, debris and sludge can, over time, affect your transmission’s performance. Considering this, you should routinely take your car for a transmission service, involving thorough cleaning. The process should include the pan, casing, gasket, and sealing surface.

6.   Replace Faulty Transmission Filters

When you have a stacked filter, it strains the transmission during driving. To avoid this, you must replace or clean this portion of the transmission system. Whenever you want to do that, you should confirm the transmission pan is off. Signs of bad filters are rattling sounds, burning smells, shifting issues, etc.


Your European-made automobile needs as much care and attention as you give yourself. For your repair and maintenance service, you’ll need to locate an equipped motor workshop around you. Car mechanics Leichardt offer high-grade factory inspections on these vehicles at decent costs. Take that classic car out for an examination today.

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