7 Reasons to Buy A Used Car

Published:Jan 13, 202416:18
Updated on:Jan 13, 2024
7 Reasons to Buy A Used Car
7 Reasons to Buy A Used Car

Buying a car in India is a pricey affair. And with regulatory norms and inflation forcing carmakers to increase prices quite frequently, the overall cost of bringing home the car you love can shake up your entire savings. But fret not, for a pre-owned car can be your saviour. With several advantages on offer, with a pre-owned car in your garage, you can get a lot more for a lot less. Don’t believe us? Read on to know why you should bring home a used car.

Pay Less, Save More

Ever heard the saying, ‘Money saved is money earned’? Well, that’s what a pre-owned car helps you to do. When you choose to bring home a used car, you save a substantial amount of money by paying a lower price. And that’s not all. Not only will you save lakhs in terms of the price you pay, but you will also save a lot more since second hand cars undergo depreciation at a slower rate when compared to a new car. Not to forget, with a pre-owned car, you need not shell out a penny on registration costs, which comes out to be quite a lot for a brand-new car.

Cheaper Insurance

Insurance expenditure is a major chunk of your overall vehicle ownership cost. And when it comes to brand-new cars, the cost of insurance can make you sweat. But when it comes to a pre-owned vehicle, you can also save on insurance costs. On average, you can save as much as 8 to 10,000 in insurance for a pre-owned car. And if you are lucky enough, you might as well get the insurance alongside the used car you buy.

Certified Cars and Absolute Peace of Mind

Gone are the days when nearby dealers were the only choice you had to buy a used car. With several dealers, aggregators, and online channels offering a wide range of certified pre-owned cars, buying a second hand car is now as easy as shopping online. And with platforms offering certified cars, with complete paperwork and ownership transfer, you do not need to worry about lengthy inspections and transfer hassles.

Your Ideal Companion

If you are a learning driver or a beginner, then a used car can be your ideal companion. Be it jumping the clutch, confused gear changes, or nervous error. A second hand car can handle all your faults and mistakes without breaking a sweat, helping you become a better driver and taking all the punishment. Sure, you can do it all on a new car as well, but it might take a bit longer because you will probably spend most of the time worrying about not damaging your car and repenting.

Enjoy Cars Thar Are As Good As New

A common myth that haunts first-time used car buyers is that used cars are less capable than new ones due to the wear and tear they have already undergone. Well, the reality is totally different. If maintained well, then even used cars can offer performance, mileage, comfort and peace of mind just like a new car does. With the same features on offer, a used car can give the feeling of driving a new car for a price that’s sometimes even half of what a new car costs.

Get A Lot More, For A Lot Less

The biggest constraint in buying a new car is that you need to always pay attention to your budget. This can make you compromise on things you need. But with a second hand car, you can get a lot more for a lot less. Need a spacious sedan for a price of a hatchback? Or a MUV for your family for the price of a sedan? Be it on-board features, high-end technology or diverse fuel options, with a second-hand car; you can go beyond and get it all. 

Moreover, with popular models commanding a waiting period as high as 18 months, the used car market is the perfect place if you hate to wait! Moreover, with a pre-owned car, you can enjoy the best of what every carmaker has to offer, with frequent changes, without worrying about financial mismanagement.

It's A Smarter Choice

With several advantages on offer, buying a used car is simply the smarter choice. Not only will buying a used car help you be financially wiser, but it will also help the environment as you will choose to reuse rather than contribute to all the mechanical waste. So if you are out there in the market to bring home a car, then why not make the smarter choice?


With rising prices and the high cost of ownership, buying a new car is no longer cheap. But with used cars, you can get a lot more for a lot less. With maximum savings, diverse choices, and complete peace of mind, buying a used car is surely the smarter choice.

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