Home Safety Tips For Senior Citizens

Published:Nov 27, 202303:39
Home Safety Tips For Senior Citizens
Home Safety

Many senior citizens decide to remain in their homes and live out their remaining years there instead of in a care facility. What motivates them is that they usually own and have paid for their house, they can manage their daily and monthly expenses with their retirement funds or savings, and they have the support of family, friends, or neighbors in their vicinity. However, they do need to take cognizance of safety and security aspects and arrange their homes accordingly. 

Safety Features That Senior Citizens Need

It is all too easy to forget to switch off the stove after making a meal. A burner alert will let the person know if their stove remains on after use. This measure prevents fires and smoke that could affect senior citizens.

As the senior moves from room to room in their house, they have to find the light switch to have clear visibility and avoid falling over objects. New technology has created motion-sensing lights. These lights will automatically come on when the person enters a new room. 

Pre-recorded messages are a feature to remind the person of tasks they need to perform. This is especially useful with dementia patients or elderly people who are battling with remembering important things. Children of seniors can prepare these messages and also use them to remind the person that they are loved. 

Other senior-friendly items are walk-in bathtubs, automatic bidet toilet seats, elevator chairs, and electric wheelchairs, which you’ll have if you decide your senior is ready to move to an assisted living in Houston TX facility.

Security Features For Senior Citizens

Security is essential for any home but even more for the elderly person who is largely defenseless. A smart security system will ensure the safety of the senior. It can be wireless for added security as this prevents wires from being cut by potential intruders. A smart security system can also be programmed to keep at-risk seniors from wandering outside and getting lost. 

The senior citizen needs to have instant access to emergency buttons in the bedroom and bathroom. Should they slip, they will be able to call for help. A wearable that alerts emergency services of a fall is a device that can tell when the person has moved a distance and at sudden speed indicating such an event and is useful in case the senior is unable to speak. In the event of a security breach or concern, the elderly citizen should have a remote button that can be carried on their person.

Safety Rules and Precautions In Kitchens And Bathrooms

There are certain steps the elderly person can take to limit the chances of an accident in the home. For example, while cooking a meal, they should not wear clothing with loose long sleeves that can catch fire. All pot handles should be turned inwards to prevent them from being tipped over. Groceries and other essentials in the kitchen should be positioned at a height where they can easily be reached. This will discourage the person from attempting to climb on a stool to access items.

Adult children can take certain measures to protect their elderly parents in the bathroom. Place non-slip mats outside the shower and strips in the standing area. Install railings by the toilet and bathtub. Ensure that lighting is sufficient and that there is a night light for using the bathroom after dark.

With the right preventative measures, an elderly person can continue to stay at home, safe and secure. 

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