Zoe Laverne Eating Her Discharge Video Leaked Leaves Twitter Scandalized

Published:Nov 29, 202312:19
Zoe Laverne Eating Her Discharge Video Leaked Leaves Twitter Scandalized

One of the most disturbing rumours recently surfaced online is the controversial TikTok star Zoe Laverne, allegedly caught on camera discharging. Here is the full update about Zoe Laverne eating her discharge video leaked.

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Just a few days after taking the internet by surprise with the announcement of her pregnancy, rumours of Zoe Laverne’s alleged eating discharge triggered an outbreak of online hatred and disgust.

Although it is unknown how this rumour first surfaced on the Internet, it soon spread like wildfire, with many Twitter users claiming to have seen the video themselves.

However, it appears that the video does not comprise her eating discharge, but according to a Twitter user who goes by the name just_twltter, the leaked video revolves around Zoe Laverne in an apparent act.

In the blurred video, it’s hard to find out if it’s actually Zoe Lavern.

With the tweet given the possibility of a discharge rumour, Twitter users were nevertheless left as scams as they reacted to the same.

Zoe Laverne Eating Discharge Video Leaked Rumours Explained

Zoe Laverne is one of the most polarizing TikTok stars on the Internet today.

19-year-old TikTok has been surfacing online for all the wrong reasons of late after a video of him kissing 13-year-old Conor Joyce went viral online after he was caught in a major social media storm.

Since then, she has been subject to a wave of online criticism, with many members of the community labelling her as a “groom” and a “pedophile”, with the majority also asking her to cancel.

If that wasn’t enough, she recently found herself in the headlines again after announcing herself pregnant that her current boyfriend, Dawson Day, is the father of her child.

Her pregnancy announcement prompted Twitter users to step back because many of them did not want Zoe Lavern to have a child anywhere, giving her a history of grooming.

Recent discharge video rumours seem to have exacerbated her controversial personality as many were left out and thought it only:

As Twitter is considering the truth behind this alleged video, it seems that this is just another far-fetched one that has been widely circulated online.

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Given its controversial history, many users are buying into this rumour, not surprising and rather serving as another testament to its polar reception.

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