Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Camera Review: Unmatched Photography and Video Rec.

Published:Dec 21, 202319:12
Updated on:Dec 21, 2023
Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Camera Review: Unmatched Photography and Video Rec.
Xiaomi Mi 10

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The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is a flagship phone that redefines the boundaries of mobile photography. Featuring blazing-fast charging capabilities and a cutting-edge camera setup, it promises to deliver a remarkable visual experience. We've already delved into the phone's overall performance in our main review (link below). Now, let's focus on dissecting the camera quality of the Mi 10 Ultra.

Camera Specifications

The Mi 10 Ultra houses a sophisticated camera system akin to the Mi 10 Pro, but with superior sensors and higher-quality lenses:

Camera Megapixels Features
Main 48MP (12MP output) Huge quad bayer sensor, exceptional detail
Periscope 48MP (12MP output) 5x zoom, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
Telephoto (2x) 12MP 2x zoom, ideal for portraits
Ultra Wide 20MP Autofocus for macro shots, wide 128-degree view

Main Camera

The main camera captures stunning 12MP photos with outstanding detail, superb contrast, and true-to-life colors. Utilizing the new Omnivision sensor, its single-frame HDR processing greatly enhances dynamic range. However, some minor issues with unnatural textures in foliage were observed.

Zoomed Shots

Both the 2x telephoto and the 5x periscope cameras produce flagship-grade 12MP images, showcasing exceptional detail, balanced sharpness, and vivid colors. The periscope's true 5x zoom capabilities make it a standout feature, offering brilliant shots rarely seen on a phone.

Ultra Wide Angle

The 20MP ultra-wide camera impresses with its wide field of view but suffers from geometric distortion. While suitable for wide shots, its performance in macro mode falls short in detail compared to the main camera.

Low-Light Performance

The Mi 10 Ultra shines in low-light conditions, capturing brightly exposed photos with saturated colors and impressive contrast. The main camera performs exceptionally well without heavily relying on night mode, though it proves beneficial in restoring certain highlights and shadow details.

Night Photography

Utilizing both telephoto shooters at night sets the Mi 10 Ultra apart. While the 2x zoom lens performs decently with good detail and color retention, the 5x zoom lens surprisingly maintains impressive detail despite visible noise. Night mode significantly enhances the ultra-wide camera's performance by reducing noise and restoring lost details.

Selfies and Portraits

The 20MP front-facing camera delivers decent selfies with good colors and contrast, albeit lacking the sharpness of the rear cameras. Selfie portraits exhibit convincing defocused backgrounds but slightly imperfect subject separation.

Video Recording

The Mi 10 Ultra excels in video recording, offering 4K footage with incredible detail, accurate colors, and exceptional contrast. Even in low-light conditions, the quality remains high with preserved colors and sufficient detail.

The capability to shoot in 8K resolution exists but might not provide substantial benefits due to huge file sizes. However, the 4K mode, especially with the 5x telephoto lens, maintains remarkable quality.

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The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra emerges as one of the best camera phones available, particularly excelling in low-light photography and video quality. Its unparalleled 5x periscope zoom sets a new standard. Although not globally available, this phone's camera capabilities remain unmatched.

To explore these remarkable cameras yourself, importing the device from China is currently the only option. Stay tuned for more insights and reviews. Thanks for here!

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