Marvel Lady 1984 ending defined

Published:Nov 30, 202314:50

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently running in Indian theatres. The Patty Jenkins directorial brings Gal Gadot back in the role of the Amazonian superhero. Set in the 1980s, the DC movie pits Gal Gadot’s Diana against Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah and Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord.

The film has received mostly positive reviews, though critics have said it is nowhere near as good as the original 2017 film.

What happens at the end of Wonder Woman 1984? (SPOILERS AHEAD)

In the 1980s, Diana is working as a senior anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute, where she meets Barbara Ann Minerva (Wiig), an insecure woman who wishes to be as powerful, confident and stylish as Diana. Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984. (Photo: Warner Bros)

Pascal’s Maxwell is a businessman who wants the Dreamstone, the film’s MacGuffin that kicks off the primary conflict in the film. It is the Dreamstone that brings Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back into Diana’s life and that turns Minerva into Cheetah. It grants wishes but also takes back something vital. As Diana gets Steve back, her powers start disappearing. Minerva may have become powerful, but now she is a being of pure rage.

Maxwell eventually acquires the Dreamstone and begins to grant wishes himself. He also becomes an influential businessman, but begins to age and die. He counters this by sucking the life force of others. Barbara and Maxwell team up as she loves her newfound powers too much and does not want Diana to harm Maxwell.


Diana dons the Golden Eagle armour of the legendary Amazonian warrior Asteria (more on that later) and defeats Cheetah. Then Diana confronts Maxwell, who is using a brand new broadcast system to grant wishes to the entire world. He accidentally gives the US even more nuclear weapons and threatens a nuclear holocaust (perhaps the only relevance of the Cold War setting). Diana uses the Lasso of Truth to convince everyone in the world to renounce their wishes, undoing the damage Maxwell caused. Barbara also loses her powers.

Wonder Woman 1984 mid-credit scene[embed][/embed]

A mid-credit scene after the movie has a mysterious woman rescuing people from being squashed under a pole. She looks like Wonder Woman. But she is actually Asteria, the legendary Amazonian warrior, who originally wore the Golden Eagle armour that Diana wears in the final act of the film.Kristen Wiig, Wonder Woman 1984 Kristen Wiig in Wonder Woman 1984. (Photo: Warner Bros)

Also, the actor who appears as Asteria is actually Lynda Carter, who essayed the role of Wonder Woman in the 1970s’ TV series.

Wonder Woman 1984 released in India on December 24.

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