What Items to get for Christmas?

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As the first snows have fallen and we welcome in December, Christmas 2020 will have a sense of poignancy that will make it different for most of us. The holiday season will be less about looking at what we want and more a time of gratitude for what we have.

This means concentrating on our loved-ones even if we are unable to meet in person over the holiday period. Yet, Christmas is a time for celebration and with the tree decorated in the corner of the room, we look here at some of the gifts to get for Christmas.  

Flowers are a romantic gift at any time of year, but at Christmas add some sparkle with some earrings or a pendant that incorporates a preserved natural rose in the favourite colour of the special women in your life. 

For the most romantic Xmas gifts for her, choose a red rose symbolising passionate love, whilst for your mother or aunt choose a dark pink which represents appreciation and gratitude or a yellow rose symbolic of joy and friendship. If she does not wear jewellery, consider a rose fully dipped in precious metal or glazed with gold trim. that she can display at home.

Luxury items not only look good, but they also have superior quality and are from brands with superb credentials. These are items that we all appreciate but few can justify the expense of buying for ourselves.

It is precisely these luxury items that make the best Christmas gifts.  If you are not sure what your recipient wants, they are likely to be dropping hints deliberately or otherwise.  They may mention in conversation a new designer handbag or dress they have seen online or that a friend has already bought.

They may have left a magazine page open and marked an item for reference. The clues will be there, whether a pair of Jimmy Choo suede pumps, silk pyjamas or crystal champagne flutes or tumblers.

You can support charities with your gift choices as royalties from some books and music can go directly to a charity or a particular charity can receive a percentage or fixed amount from the sale of any item.

This is a popular gift choice at Christmas as more people appreciate that some need additional support, and you are sure to find a charity that suits your preferences whether it be related to the care of animals, the environment, individuals in crisis or a myriad of other good causes.

Gift ideas that support charities range from beauty products to home essentials, so you can find something for everyone whilst helping to make the world a better place.

Electronic gifts at Christmas are a perennial favourite, though it can be a challenge to keep up to date with what your recipient already owns or what they would like to upgrade.

Fitness equipment is always popular, like the Apple Watch which tracks blood oxygen levels as well as workout routines. They may want a piece of tech that can be used outdoors, has a larger screen size or has a faster 64-bit dual-core processor.

It may simply be that there is a bit of tech that has been redesigned in a way that suits their style or can be personalised to look this way. Upgrades that make items more compact, stylish and easier to use than previous models are always appreciated, particularly if they are more comfortable to transport, are waterproof and have other improvements, like 360-degree sound on a wireless speaker.

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