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Indeed, throughout Solomon’s prolonged dialog with tradition editor Tony Sokol – that ranged from his first skilled writing look on Laverne & Shirley till he was briefly suspected of being the Night Stalker – he spoke candidly about how essential Bill and Ted had been to his profession and the way surprising their legacy proved to be.

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“When [Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure] first came out, it was taken apart by critics. It was pimped. Any serious critic, and especially the non-serious critics, [pulled their knives out]. So I thought, ‘Why did it hold?’” Solomon’s reply has extra to do with the characters’ humanity than with their humor.

“What Chris and I were always really attracted to in Bill & Ted was this exuberance, this sweetness, this lightness of mind and this kind of ‘yes!’ quality for them. They feel things deeply, but they adapt quickly and come up with a plan and move forward at all times with the best, best, best intentions. It really is a wonderful place to live as a writer. And when the baton was passed to Alex and Keanu, they took it over so nicely. I think there is a benevolence of spirit, of kindness to the characters, a sweetness, which I think floated to the surface and held Bill & Ted alive in past decades.”

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He goes on to notice that whereas the first movie did effectively sufficient to (barely) warrant a sequel, he thinks it was each the followers and Keanu’s current revival of his profession in the John Wick films that finally introduced the characters again to the display screen.

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“It’s not that it did that well, but over time people discovered it. And that made it difficult to make a third film, because there were no “numbers” to again it up. ‘Why should we make a third film? The first two didn’t accomplish that effectively.’ It was extra anecdotal. “But everywhere we go, people seem to know and people seem to want a sequel. And couldn’t we do it for them?’”

After Reeves’ proverbial comeback, the unbelievable occurred, and Bill and Ted had one other very daring journey, even as soon as once more combining wits with the completely uncool Death. If the unbelievable can occur as soon as, why not once more?

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