WATCH - Viral video captures public park couple having oral sex

Published:Mar 24, 202411:45
WATCH - Viral video captures public park couple having oral sex

A disturbing clip of a couple having oral sex in a public park in Colombia’s Bogota went viral on social media, leaving netizens fumed.

When you see a couple having oral sex, at a public place, hanging out in parks is all fun and games until they are enjoying themselves 'full force'. This happened in a public park in Colombia's Bogota, as reported by Daily Star, so it's not a made-up story. This park witnessed a couple having oral sex under a tree. There were many people passing by the park and they definitely seemed to have 'audacity'

They continued working until they finished their tasks. As soon as the duo was done, the couple left the park as quickly as possible. A video of the incident was shared online, and as per which, the incident took place on March 15. The video left people fuming and irked as they dubbed it highly ‘indecent’.

The video was shared on X (formerly Twitter), under the handle ‘DenunciasAntio2’. The post captioned, “A couple was recorded in a park in Bogotá.”

Watch the viral video:

Within minutes of the video's release, it quickly became viral. While the majority of the people condemned the couple for their actions in the public park, there were a few people who defended the couple and cracked jokes about their behavior. This video was shared by a user on March 15 and it has been viewed 147K times since then.

In the comments, people shared their take. “What is the need to disseminate those videos?" a user asked. “I see many defending them but if it were two men or women, they would end up there with crude comments,” said a second person. “Everyone has the right, but there are thousands of hotels,” said a third user. "Gentlemen, we all wish we were in the place of the boy in the video, but we can't. Let them live. "LEAVE THE ENVY,” joked another.

Just to get 3 minutes of action would be worth spending four hours in a hotel just to get 3 minutes of action in return. The company has a financial vision," added a fourth user to the discussion. “And the person who recorded the video was shaking...the cameraman was nervous,” commented a fifth user. Another user commented, “In reality, they are enjoying themselves more than the one who recorded it, they are enduring anger, and they are relaxed as well,” he continued.

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