[WATCH VIDEO] Private video uploaded to Elsa Majimbo social media accounts accidentally goes viral

Published:Mar 26, 202419:10
Updated on:Mar 27, 2024
[WATCH VIDEO] Private video uploaded to Elsa Majimbo social media accounts accidentally goes viral

A private video accidentally released on the internet by renowned comedian Elsa Majimbo caused her some awkward situations. Her social media accounts somehow received the video, which was intended for her partner.

As Elsa Majimbo addressed her fans on TikTok, she explained that the video was intended for her boyfriend but was accidentally uploaded to her social media account. Her outfit can be seen being checked while she's undressed in the viral clip. In her words:

I urge you to ignore that video if you've seen it. Don't post anything you don't check. As you see yourself on social media platforms, you will be able to reflect on how you live. Please accept my apologies for exposing such content. 

A viral video by Elsa Majimbo sparks a scandal 

It went viral quickly, generating curiosity among internet users. Prior to posting anything online, some of her fans advised her to make sure it was accurate.

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She expressed her regret by saying:

My body is very confident, but I want to do it on my terms, not in such a private and intimate environment."

Elsa Majimbo further added that due to the recent mishap, she has learned the importance of boundaries and privacy. A small mistake can lead to severe consequences on the internet these days. Besides, she also addressed the situation on Twitter, apologizing for her viral clip: “I feel so guilty for exposing uncalled-for content on my audience. Please accept my sincere apologies for that video. Love you all," she said, seeking understanding and forgiveness from her fans.



The famous comedian recently opened up about her public break-up with her DJ boyfriend, Hkeem, in January 2024.


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