Watch me make Green Thai Iced Tea

In this video you will watch me make Green Thai Iced Tea and easily learn how to make this Street Food Style beverage! This is a single serving recipe using ChaTraMue Brand Original Thai Tea Mix, also known as Number One Brand. If you to go Thailand and want to order this drink from a vendor, you might call it Cha Nom Yen or Cha Yen Tea. No matter what this drink is named, it is by far my all time favorite drink in the sunny heat of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I can’t wait to share my favorite recipe with you! The Ingredients you will need: ❤️ 1 heaping Tablespoon Green Thai Tea Mix ❤️ 1 cup of boiling Water ❤️ 2 teaspoons Sugar ❤️ 2 teaspoons Condensed Milk ❤️ 2 teaspoons Evaporated Milk ❤️ Full cup of crushed ice Instructions: ❤️Step 1: Put the Green Thai Tea Mix into a tea sock or very fine tea strainer and let it steep in the 1 cup of very hot water for atleast 5-minutes and then strain. ❤️Step 2: Put in sugar and condensed milk and stir it well into the hot tea brew. ❤️Step 3: Put in the evaporated milk as well and stir once more. ❤️Step 4: Pour the hot drink mixture into the cup full of crushed ice. ❤️Step 5. Pour a little more of the evaporated milk on top to your liking for creaminess and also because it gives it a really cool look. _________________________________________________________ Like the music in this video? Enjoy a Free trial of ‘Epidemic Sound’ for amazing royalty free music: If you have your own new YouTube channel and want to grow it, check out TubeBuddy, a helpful optimization tool which integrates within the platform: I have made this video in England using English and you can see the basic of the ingredients in the video which will pop up throughout. I have also typed this information above and closed captions should be also available. This video is not sponsored. #ThaiTea #ThaiIcedTea #StreetFoodStyle How to make Vegan Whipped Thai Iced Tea: How to make Original Street Food Style Thai Iced Tea:

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