[WATCH] Adin Ross Leaked Sex Tape Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Published:Feb 14, 202422:19
Updated on:Feb 15, 2024
[WATCH] Adin Ross Leaked Sex Tape Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Adin Ross is manner an excessive amount of over the news presently. Be it his remarks on Drake’s meat as missile or the modern feud he’s in with Joe Budden due to the Grammy choice and the podcast with 21 Savage.

A video surfaced online recently which garnered hundreds of attention as it changed into allegedly a sex tape where Adin Ross changed into additionally present.

Adin Ross Leaked Sex Tape Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Adin Ross Leaked Sex Tape Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Adin isn't only an internet streamer however also a rapper and is set to be Drake’s newest music intro. When the alleged viral video reached Adin Ross, he absolutely denied his inclusion within the video and stated,

“Let me see. Hey chat, that wasn’t me that leaked. That’s not my sex tape you fking weird ass fa*ot ass motherf**ker! No, that’s not me, bro.

After he moved to Kick to start his streaming series, he opened an adult streaming platform and oppugned fellow streamers that he could not be banned.

Ed Craven, the co-founder of Kick, after stumbling upon his action, released statements that Adin Ross’s behavior won’t be accepted for too long on the media platform. The video has reached out to millions of people. Adin’s reaction to this caused people to troll him more and more.

According to rumors circulating among his fans and followers, Adin has been in a relationship with another streamer named Demisux. However, their relationship has hit a rough patch due to her dishonesty about meeting her parents, instead opting to spend time with her ex-partner.

Adin has reacted very raw towards the situations which have led to the turbulent times in their relationship.

Even though the video is fake according to Adin Ross, fans are continuing to have fun, stating that’s him.



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