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Viral Photograph of New child Child Pulling Masks Off Physician’s Face is a Image of Hope in Powerful Occasions


The world is living in unprecedentedly stressful times. With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting life and causing largescale death across the world and no cure in sight, hope is perhaps all that has been pulling humanity through. At such compelling times, an image of a newborn baby pulling the mask off a doctor has been going viral as a symbol of hope.

The image was posted on social media by Dr Samer Cheaib, who practices gynecology and obstetrics in the UAE. The post on Facebook was titled, “We all want sign are we going to take off the mask soon”.

Frontline workers like Dr Cheaib have faced the worst of the pandemic, be it by constantly exposing themselves to the risk of the virus, working extended hours wearing physically painful PPE suits, staying away from their own families, and putting in their best efforts to fight the pandemic, despite salary cuts and lack of resources and in many cases, even abuse and discrimination.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday warned against any complacency in the coronavirus death rate, saying with the increasing number of cases, mortality would also rise. It also said that healthy young people will have to wait till 2022 for a vaccine.

New cases are hitting 100,000 daily in Europe. Nearly 20,000 infections were reported in Britain, while Italy, Switzerland and Russia were among nations with record case numbers.

The image, which was shared on October 5, has nevertheless gone viral across social media platforms as a symbol of hope and laughter. It is reminding weary souls across the world that no matter the trials and tribulations, hope springs eternal, and life, perhaps, will go on.

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