[VIDEO] Desmond Exposed Sunny Christina on Discord, Tiktoker’s Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Published:Feb 11, 202404:11
[VIDEO] Desmond Exposed Sunny Christina on Discord, Tiktoker’s Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

TikTok is nothing but a hot mess proper now as TikTokers and Live Streamers are releasing their specific films on their discord account only for the a laugh or could say ‘to get extra publicity’.

Sunny Christina is a TikTok influencer with over 1.2 million on her account. She regularly goes live to speak and maintain in contact along with her fanbase. Her ex-boyfriend, Desmond, is lively on TikTok and additionally continues an active presence on Discord.

Desmond Exposed Tiktoker Sunny Christina on Discord

Discord is in which every body from the fandom can join the serves chat, communicate, play games, and engage on a much extra personal level.

During a current TikTok live circulate on February 6, 2024, Sunny Christina discovered out that Desomon had released a private video of them in the act on his Discord profile.

After Christina observed out about it she become no longer very satisfied and during the livestream, and wasn’t seen within the digital camera but changed into heard crying and getting comforted via her buddies.

Obviously what he did become an invasion of privacy and defame a person on line with the aid of posting an express video without consent.

It is to be mentioned, that the minimal age for the app is 13, so by posting that he is exposing children to something that need to no longer be proven to them.

When she were given to understand this, she tearfully stated,

“Did he simply placed a picture of me in his Discord? Of me like, doing something nasty to him and just sent it out to every person totally free, in his Discord!”

There is also hypothesis among fanatics about the possibility of Desmond having a romantic courting with Alexia the new female friend of him.

Christina, these days, stated in one in all her movies that Desmond and her are seeing every other again, which on occasion consists of the occasional kissing. That’s some thing to consider, right?

Creampied in her during risky public outdoor video



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