Upcoming Korean Dramas And Movies In February 2023


Korean dramas premiering in February 2023 are filled with romance, suspense, and thrills. If you are a Korean drama fan, then you will definitely be amazed and delighted by these K-dramas, which range from historical dramas to popular thrillers’ highly anticipated second seasons. In this article, we will take a look at the most notable Korean dramas and movies releasing in February 2023 and what audiences can expect from these productions. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Korean entertainment or just looking for something new to watch, this is the perfect list for you. Get ready to be entertained and indulge in the world of Korean drama.

1. Call It Love

The story of Call It Love revolves around two characters. A woman discovers her father’s affair with another woman and they both share a theatrical relationship with each other. When the father passes away, the mistress mistreats his daughter, and the lady begins to plan her retaliation. Her objectives are entirely destroyed when she meets the mistress’s son and sparks start to fly because they fall in love.

2. The Heavenly Idol

Adapted from Sin Hwa-Holy Jin’s Idol, this fantasy rom-com is a webtoon-based drama. The main performers in the romantic comedy-drama are Kim Min-Gue and Kim Bo-Gyeol. Kim Min-Gue portrays a high priest from another planet. He battles a demon king in the actual world as his persona. But when he inhabits the body of an unidentified idol, everything changes and goes awry.

3. Taxi Driver 2

Taxi Driver is returning with season 2. The Lee Je-hoon-starring K-drama will continue to unravel mysteries that will leave viewers perplexed. Observing how Do-Gi and the Rainbow Company work with the Korean legal division to look into new terrible crimes will also be intriguing.

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Taxi Driver 2 Korean Dramas In February 2023 - Scoaillykeeda.com

4. Our Blooming Youth

In Our Blooming Youth, Jeon So-Nee portrays Min Jae-yi, a smart woman falsely accused of killing her family. Lee Hwan (Park Hyung Sik) is a prince who is under a mysteriously strange curse. Their connection develops as the lady saves the man from his curse.

Our Blooming Youth Korean Dramas In February 2023 - Scoaillykeeda.com

5. Island 

The three main protagonists of the fantasy action series Island engage in conflict with evil forces. This part 2 will continue Van, Won Mi-ho, and Johan’s trip as they contend with the monsters of Jeju Island.

Island Korean Dramas In February 2023 - Scoaillykeeda.com

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Publish Date: 2023-02-01 19:02:58

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