Understand how Worldwide Tea Day began?


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International Tea Day 2020: Every year on December 15, International Tea Day is celebrated by various tea producing countries worldwide. Tea production and processing is the main source of livelihood for millions of families in developing countries and the main means of subsistence for the millions of poor families who live in least developed countries. The tea industry is a main source of income and export revenue for some poor countries and provides employment as a labor-intensive sector, especially in remote and economically deprived areas. Not only this, tea can play an important role in rural development, poverty reduction and food security in developing countries, which is one of the most important cash crops.

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Importance of International Tea Day

International Tea Day 2020 tells the importance of tea in everyone’s daily life. International Tea Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of tea around the world. Tea has been a valuable economic commodity throughout history. This day aims to promote better business practices and working conditions, as well as to focus on ethical and sustainable production of tea. The purpose of this day is also to raise awareness about fighting hunger and poverty. Tea development requires intensive care and effort, and many plantations in India and other countries do not provide tea plantation workers with the right incentives.

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History of international tea day

This day is celebrated every year to grab the attention of the people and the government. However, on the recommendation of India, the United Nations (UN) has declared 21 May as International Tea Day. India proposed this proposal at the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) inter-governmental group meeting held in Milan 4 years ago. The United Nations General Assembly has also recognized the cultural importance of tea along with its medicinal properties. International Tea Day started on 15 December 2005 from New Delhi, but a year later it was celebrated in Sri Lanka and from there it was celebrated all over the world.

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