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Published:Dec 7, 202313:57

Prabha Ki Diary obtained right here up with its 4th part of the second season and it says one issue clearly that folk like learning this sensuous tales of Prabha that she wrote in her diary. Even though the theme of the current is significantly very similar to Red Riding Shoe, the current is elevating its content material materials from the beginning and turning into most likely probably the most most well-liked assortment from Ullu Originals like Charmsukh and Palang Tod, and Riti Riwaaz.

Here, take an in depth guidelines of all episodes of Prabha Ki Diary which have been launched however. All these episodes might be discovered to watch on-line on Ullu Originals.

1. Prabha Ki Diary Season 1

Release Date: 31 July 2020 (India)

Prabha Ki Diary Cast: Pamela Mondal (Prabha), Dinesh Soni (Anil), Prashant Gupta (Salil)

Story: An sad partner who must win her husband’s love, continues to fail till a stranger enters her life. Her first instinct is to shut him out and suppress her feelings nonetheless she couldn’t resist the blazing passion for prolonged.

A shut door that is finally opened involves face as a metaphor for the exploration of female want. It all begins with Pamela Mondal giving an astounding effectivity as Prabha inside the current.

2. Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 Part 1 – Dil Se Lekin

Release Date: 29 January 2021 (India)

Prabha Ki Diary Cast: Maninee De (Dr. Neel kamal Sharma), Anupama Prakash (Saba), Avdhesh Kushwaha (Property Agent), Ranveer Chahal (Arun)

Story: When Prabha stops Saba begins. Dr. Neelkamal stumbles on Prabha’s mysterious diary that encloses unheard tales of latest women being caught inside the web of affection, lust, and deceit. Getting hooked on her boyfriend Saba solemnly accepts her future in an indecent profession. Will Saba ever uncover her coronary coronary heart’s craving?

Anupama Prakash was later featured in among the many daring web assortment from Ullu Originals. One of her most memorable performances obtained right here from Lovely Massage Parlour.


3. Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 Part 2 – The Wife

Release Date: 9 February 2021 (India)

Prabha Ki Diary Cast: Anusmriti Sarkar (Romilla), Pratik Dixit (Swapan Ray), Somnath (Arnab), Manish Jain (Advocate of Money Lander)

Story: Romila’s magnificence and magnificence earn her every drop of affection from her husband, nonetheless sadly she is infecund. Once her husband’s notorious brother cons her to comprehend entry into her house and likewise her deepest senses.

Aghast Romila’s womb prospers uncovering her husband’s delicate secrets and techniques and methods to steal her wellbeing perpetually. Anusmriti Sarkar is not less than any actress we now have now ever seen in Ullu Originals movies and web assortment.


4. Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 Part 3 – Honeymoon Special

Release Date: 30 March 2021 (India)

Prabha Ki Diary Cast: Pamela Mondal (Garcy), Maitrik Thakkar (Rajat), Naaz Khan (Ayesha)

Story: After Prabha, even her twin sister finds her marriage in tumult on her reckless honeymoon. As her timidity begins to trouble her pushy husband, a scorching customer provides a spin to their entire honeymoon, inciting infidelity & concern. Witness the future of this marriage in “PRABHA KI DIARY S2 – HONEYMOON SPECIAL”.

It’s good to see that current always identify out for distinctive star Pamela Mondal once more as soon as extra to play her comparable twin inside the Honeymoon Special episode of the Prabha Ki Diary.


5. Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 Part 4 – The Housewife

Release Date: 4 June 2021 (India)

Prabha Ki Diary Cast: Mokshita Raghav (Raina), Pawan Utwani (Sheel), Prabhat Bhattacharya (Kabir), Raj Basu (Burman)

Story: Prabha’s Diary discloses its 4th & basically probably the most tantalizing story of a carefree alluring woman, Raina. She is shipped in care of a struggling film director by her boyfriend, and their scorching intimacies lastly end in marriage.

But Raina receives a excessive backlash from her husband when she refuses to abide by the boundaries of this approved relationship.


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