Former President Donald Trump tossed a jab at Twitter in an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday, addressing his everlasting ban from the social community by arguing that it was nowhere close to as thrilling now that he was now not on it. 

“I’ll tell you it’s not the same,” Trump stated to host Greg Kelly. “If you look at what’s going on with Twitter, I understand it’s become very boring and millions of people are leaving. They’re leaving it because it’s not the same and I can understand that … It’s become very boring; we don’t want to go back to Twitter.”

The previous president known as the fact-check flaggings he had obtained on Twitter for selling election fraud conspiracy theories “disgraceful,” and briefly addressed rumors that he may leverage accounts on different social networks, stating that “they wanted me very much on Parler.”

He shied away from any particular statements, nonetheless, and as an alternative burdened his excessive variety of Twitter followers proper earlier than he was completely banned on Jan. 8 for rhetoric that had contributed to the U.S. Capitol rebel two days prior.

“You know, I had 89 million [followers on Twitter] … and then on top of that I had 36 million or 39 million on @POTUS, and we had other sites where we had millions and millions of people, so we have … about as big as it gets, and likewise on Facebook,” Trump stated, referencing the truth that Fb had additionally indefinitely banned him. “They all want that and part of the problem is, mechanically, they can’t handle it, because it’s too many people. It’s bigger than they are by many times.”

Trump added that he was toying with the thought of making a singular platform for his fanbase: “There is also the other option of building your own site. Because we have more people than anybody. You can literally build your own site.” 

Different matters touched upon within the interview included Rush Limbaugh, whom Trump praised as “unique” and a “hard one to replace,” in addition to a possible presidential bid in 2024.

“I won’t say yet, but we have tremendous support,” Trump stated. “I’m looking at poll numbers that are through the roof … Let’s say someone gets impeached, typically your numbers would go down … like a dead balloon. But the numbers are good, very high.”

The forty fifth president additionally reiterated his baseless allegations of election fraud, claiming that “bad, dishonest things happened,” and provided no reward for present President Joe Biden, although he did add that he was trying to keep away from talking out through the starting of Biden’s tenure within the White Home.

“It hasn’t been that quiet, frankly, but I wanted to be somewhat quiet,” Trump stated.

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