Top 11 Smart Devices You Must Buy Now

Smart devices can improve your life. And it’s not just about the fact that they protect you but also that they ease your routine. Imagine having a smart kettle letting you get a cup of hot tea via an app or a smart gadget for your PC, allowing you to open before you come from work. But what if you are just starting creating your smart home? Then you should buy these devices first.

Smart Water Leak Sensor 

This water leak sensor is an indispensable thing in the house. This device can save you from big trouble. The sensor immediately responds to the cluster of water on the floor and sends an alarm message to the host mobile phone. 

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Smart Recessed Switch 

This switch supports remote control via a mobile app and can be combined with popular voice assistants (for example, Google Home). Are you annoyed when you are already under the warm blanket, but forgot to turn off the light? This switch is a perfect gadget for your house. 

Smart Kettle 

This kettle is equipped with a water heating function to a certain temperature (it is set via a mobile app). Besides, this gadget knows how to maintain the desired water temperature. There is also a boiling intensity, shutdown with insufficient water, customizable illumination depending on the water temperature. 

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Smart Light Bulb

A smart colored light bulb has an E27 base and is controlled through a special app. You can configure absolutely any color and choose a comfortable light temperature. You can create a romantic entourage for an important evening. 

Smart Cornice for Curtains 

These devices are an integral part of the smart home. Built-in Wi-Fi, easy installation, and several modes will try to make your apartment cozy and more comfortable. You can even set a schedule for it. 

Smart Air Humidifier 

Doctors say that the humidity required for human normal well-being is in the range from 45% to 65%. It is this level that must be maintained in residential premises. However, in our flats, it decreases to 10-20%. Decide this problem with such humidifiers. 

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Smart Motion Sensor 

The key task of this smart sensor is fixing the movement in the zone of its visibility. Such devices are used to automatically turn on / off light, create alerts on unauthorized penetrations on the site, and so on – there can be any scenarios. 

Smart Smoke Sensor

It is probably not worth explaining in detail that this device is noteworthy. This smart gadget can be used in rooms where people smoke, however, when a serious smoke appears, a sound notification is triggered, and a corresponding notification comes to the phone. 

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Smart Heater and Fan 

Not all private houses have heating and air conditioning, such a heater fan can become simply indispensable. It is controlled through an app available for almost all smartphones and tablets. 

Smart Camera for the Street 

This device is also what you should buy to protect yourself and your family members. The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker. You can communicate with those who are close to the camera. A wide viewing angle and high shooting quality make it more convenient. Secured control through the mobile app and support for voice assistants make this gadget even more helpful. 

Smart Meteorological Station 

The smart meteorological station allows you to find out the air temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. In addition, this weather station even creates daily weather forecasts.

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