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Tips on how to Educate Children at House Legally in Florida

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Homeschooling is a great way for parents to take control of their child’s education but before getting started, it is important to check the state requirements and the options for homeschooling so families can be in compliance and provide quality backed home education.

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Florida is one of the friendlier states for homeschooling which makes it easier for families to not only get started but stick with the process even if they change what this looks like between the different options approved by the state. Each of these opportunities differs slightly in what is required of parents or the teacher/tutor and the type of documentation that must be kept to ensure the student’s education is properly documented. By reviewing the available options, families can decide which works best for their personal situation.

The least common selection is homeschooling with a private tutor which states that the teacher must be certified to teach all subjects. Tutors are a great resource for helping students with subjects they are struggling in but is not one of the more popular options for families because it can be expensive due to the effort and work the individual has to perform with one or more students. However, if needed as a short-term solution, parents need to be familiar with the guidance from the state so the work can be credited to the student as part of their education program.

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The Florida homeschool statute provides specific information and requirements for families who want to have full and total control of their child’s education. This includes putting together the curriculum for each grade, building portfolios/documentation, making the notifications to the proper officials, state testing and all other major and minor requirements.

The benefit is that parents are fully involved in their child’s education with the ability to decide the perspective and viewpoint the student will learn every subject, the daily schedule, progression between grades and customizing the learning process to each child. The cost of this approach varies depending on the amount of investment the parents want to make in the textbooks, tools and resources so it’s important to do a lot of research and find a program that provides more than just the books but includes helpful items as well.

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Many homeschool families started, and continue, with this approach because it supports the majority of families who choose to adopt teaching their children at home. The downside is that it requires at least one parent to stay at home full-time to teach the children and be fully committed in time, finances and emotions to make this process a success.

The last option is voted the best homeschool in Florida by many families because it provides a solution that works for a wide number of home situations, single or multiple kids, older and younger students. Online homeschooling can be completed under an ‘umbrella’ program associated with an accredited private school that has already received approval from Florida.

The curriculum is already set and determined by the school, they have certified teachers for every subject and grade and, more importantly, documentation is maintained by the program in an accepted official format that can be transferred to other schools if necessary.

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The online homeschool program typically provides options for K-12th grade and even gives parents the ability to be the primary teacher for the beginning elementary grades which are critical for face-to-face learning. The online student portal opens to 3rd graders but they don’t have to make the switch at that time if they aren’t ready. 

Parents are still in control of their child’s education because there are many online programs to choose from including private and Christian. Students are considered enrolled in a formal school with this approach but with the flexibility of creating their own daily schedule while staying on a traditional time frame, students learn at their own pace without the pressure from peers and parents are a valuable resource but don’t have to learn every subject as students have access to professionally accredited teachers.

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Finally, there is no guarantee that a family that starts with one of the above options, begins with public school learning or decides to transition away from homeschooling back to the traditional method. For this reason, it is critical to understand Florida’s requirements so students can easily and successfully move from one path to the next without having to repeat a class or discover that they are behind others in the same grade/level.

Parents are the key to this success because they have complete control over which option is the right one for their child and personal situation. The best homeschool in Florida is the one that gives students the foundation they need to successfully reach their goals and move forward to their preferred path after graduation.

Homeschool groups are also a great resource for families new or looking at teaching kids at home because of their experience and knowledge with all things that pertain to this area. Go online and check out the relevant Florida education websites, tools and support groups that provide a comprehensive view of the process, both risks and benefits.

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