TiktokCounter: How Celebrities Can Use TikTok To Enhance Their Brands?

Published:Feb 15, 202423:02
TiktokCounter: How Celebrities Can Use TikTok To Enhance Their Brands?

TikTok is one social addicting platform. The users scroll down the platform feeds for hours and hours. TikTok has something that grabs their attention. Are you think these social media platforms are only for a commoner? Of course not! When you check TikTok, you can see more celebrities active on the platform. When we say 'celebrities,' their life is quite the hustle and bustle. They have to run for shoots, promotions, events, etc., So their time to relax is relatively less. But whenever you ask a celebrity, they would say their leisure time will be on social media. 

Apart from their primary profession, celebrities are now running their businesses separately. So now, many celebs are using TikTok to promote their products on TikTok. Contrarily, many people who have become famous on TikTok has now become a celebrity. Charlie D' Amelio and Addison Rae are some of the content creators on TikTok who have attained stardom in social media. So if you are a commoner who wants to improvise your tiktok strategy, leverage the tiktok counter and acquire real-time results. 

In the article, you can see how a celebrity uses TikTok to engage with the audience and how they effectively use it for brand promotions. Here you have to notice a thing, the cine stars here refer to the brand. Let's get started! 

Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding is one of the practices of marketing oneself. It would help if you made your post memorable to stay a unique celebrity on the platform. For stars, gone are the days of having a presence in movies and magazines alone. In day-to-day life, they can easily share their thoughts using TikTok. TikTok is the prime option, To catch Gen Z and millennials.

Tips Celebrities Can Use TikTok

1. Engaging With Their Fans

One of the significant reasons celebrities use TikTok is to connect with the audience. As TikTok has so many features like stories, videos, Live, etc., celebrities can leverage any of these features and show their presence to the audience. Even celebs can promote their Live by creating teaser videos. Every interaction may not be positive, but the fans would be happy if you came on TikTok Live. As a celebrity, In Live, you can greet your audience, share your movie experience and information about upcoming movies, go on with movie promotions, and much more. In addition, many viewers will ask questions in the comment section, and you can reply. 

2. Changing The People's Perception

Celebrities have more rumors and gossip around them, so people may negatively perceive them. So TikTok provides an opportunity to show the real side of cinema personalities. Stars can share short videos of their daily routines, diet tips, self-care routines, etc., on TikTok. It will be more beneficial for the audience also. 

3. Promoting Their Own Interest

As I mentioned earlier, many celebrities have their own brand. So they can explain the product benefits and the authenticity of the products. So by simply having the presence, they can earn millions of dollars on TikTok. So it is one way they can make more money. Moreover, if you want to outshine your tiktok competitors, you can use TikTokCounter and shall buckle up your tiktok game. 

Top Celebrities On TikTok That A Commoner Can Follow

1. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is an academy award winner, and her TikTok is filled with videos with trending sounds and memes. Her TikTok topics mainly include fashion and clever promotions on her movie projects. She has nearly 704.2 k million followers and more than 7.7 million likes, who can give you many good ideas for your video content.

2. Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift, as everyone knows, is a singer and songwriter who emotionally connects with the audience. Her TikTok videos are primarily based on her cats and funny videos at her expense. She always connects with the audience and promotes her album songs. She presents herself as genuine on the platform with storytelling and marketing skills. She has 5.2 million followers on the list. 

3. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a star chef, television personality, and restaurant owner. His TikTok is full of quick tutorials of cooking videos. He also shares the behind-the-scenes of his tv shows and hilarious videos with his family. He has 26.8 million followers on his list. He promotes himself as well as a personal brand. 


Even though you are not a celebrity, you can learn about branding tactics from them and shall use them on your brand. Successful self-branding doesn't depend on the follower or likes count; it is all based on genuineness and authenticity. Remember, if a celebrity can do so, a commoner can also improve their stardom. You can also use TikTokCounter to acquire your real-time Tiktok counts. Learn from cine stars and implement them on your TikTok. Happy TikToking! 

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