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One can suppose Thor to be the most handsome Marvel superhero. However, his anti-fans believe he is the most stupid and a bit childish. Maybe that is true, but if the comics authors and the producers of the films have shown us such features of character – that was important. To be honest, Thor used to be a bit too direct to become the king of the Asgard in the beginning of the Marvel series and in his first film. It is cool, as further we were able to see his developing, growth, kindness and wisdom.

Still, some of the Thor actions and facial expressions gave the reasons to crack funny jokes and create some memes. He is really created to become a meme star! All the expressive characters can, but he might be the winner. His intelligent and mean brother Loki accentuates Thor’s faces – the game of the contrasts is amazingly perfect. There is a quite popular meme in the network, showing the Loki’s facepalm after Thor’s dull words or actions. Well, every one of us felt the desire to follow the Loki’s path and show the total desperation with our destiny to have a relative, who can easily break all the family’s reputation. In the end of the story, we have learned that it is Loki, who spoiled the goddamn reputation, but who cares? The memes with the little brother of Thor are still popular.

The release of the new movie, starring Chris Hemsworth, is near. It is called “Thor: Ragnarok” and it already has a lot of lolable images. It is explained by the various scenes, that were downloaded to several YouTube channels. The creative persons immediately made the screen captures and added some funny quotes to them. We can only say that it is an additional advertisement, though the Thor movies needn’t be promoted, as this hero is already a superstar.

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Funny Thor Jokes

Funny Thor Jokes

Cool Funny Thor Jokes

Best Funny Thor Jokes

Amazing Funny Thor Jokes

Common Funny Thor Jokes

Loki Meme

Loki Meme

Cool Loki Meme

Best Loki Meme

Amazing Loki Meme

Common Loki Meme

Thor Ragnarok Meme

Thor Ragnarok Meme

Cool Thor Ragnarok Meme

Best Thor Ragnarok Meme

Amazing Thor Ragnarok Meme

Common Thor Ragnarok Meme

Loki Pictures

Loki Pictures

Cool Loki Pictures

Best Loki Pictures

Amazing Loki Pictures

Common Loki Pictures

Funny Thor Memes

Funny Thor Memes

Cool Funny Thor Memes

Best Funny Thor Memes

Amazing Funny Thor Memes

Common Funny Thor Memes

Loki Images

Loki Socially Keedas

Cool Loki Socially Keedas

Best Loki Socially Keedas

Amazing Loki Socially Keedas

Common Loki Socially Keedas

Thor and Hulk Meme

Thor And Hulk Meme

Cool Thor And Hulk Meme

Best Thor And Hulk Meme

Amazing Thor And Hulk Meme

Common Thor And Hulk Meme

Loki Pictures Thor 3

Loki Pictures Thor 3

Cool Loki Pictures Thor 3

Best Loki Pictures Thor 3

Amazing Loki Pictures Thor 3

Common Loki Pictures Thor 3

Thor Cartoon Pictures

Thor Cartoon Pictures

Cool Thor Cartoon Pictures

Best Thor Cartoon Pictures

Amazing Thor Cartoon Pictures

Common Thor Cartoon Pictures

Thor Birthday Meme

Thor Birthday Meme

Cool Thor Birthday Meme

Best Thor Birthday Meme

Amazing Thor Birthday Meme

Common Thor Birthday Meme

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