The Things You Need to Know as a First-time Motorcycle Rider

Published:Nov 27, 202303:48
The Things You Need to Know as a First-time Motorcycle Rider

New motorcycle riders usually can’t wait to hit the road for their first long trip. Before they get started, there are plenty of things they should know first to keep themselves and their bike safe. Keep reading for the essential things to know as a first-time motorcycle rider.

There are many motorcycle-specific laws that motorcyclists need to understand. They will need a motorcycle license and insurance. This will cost some money and take some time to prepare for. New motorcyclists can sign up for a motorcycle safety class to learn all the essentials about riding. There are many opportunities to do this. Riders will always be learning to ride a motorcycle while experiencing new and often unusual situations or conditions. This is why continued rider education is also necessary.

Motorcycle Gear

Riders should always choose the best motorcycle gear that they can afford. A helmet is essential, and riding gloves are helpful. Riders should also consider having a jacket and boots that cover their ankles.

Get Familiar with the Bike

New riders need to do their homework and get the one that’s right for them. Become familiar with the motorcycle maintenance routines required for each model. A well-maintained bike is a safe bike. Always ensure the motorcycle is covered under motorcycle insurance.

Master the Basics

Motorcycles balance themselves when they are going fast. But, when riders ride too slowly, bikes can easily tip over. The key to keeping them upright is muscle memory, which translates into lots of practice.

Bikes with a standard transmission can have tricky clutches. Riders who find the clutch difficult to work may want to consider a dual-clutch transmission bike because they are more automatic.

When sitting on a bike, a rider should be mindful of how and where they are sitting. They should be toward the front of the seat with relaxed arms, holding their knees against the gas tank. They should have a good grip on the handlebars. As with any driving, don’t multitask. Distracted driving, or riding, is dangerous. Put the cell phones away and keep your eyes safely on the road.

Kinds of Motorcycles

Choosing a bike that fits a rider’s needs is essential. Factors such as height, age, weight, and experience affect the choice. Riders should consider whether they will do street riding or dirt riding. Street bikes include sportbikes, touring bikes, dual-sport, cruisers, and adventure bikes. Off-road motorcycles include dirt bikes and enduro bikes.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Once a rider buys a motorcycle, they must learn about maintenance. They should familiarize themselves with the moving parts and how to maintain them correctly. Riders should use the OEM maintenance checklist when checking the oil and tire pressure, bleeding the brakes, and tightening the chain.

Always inspect a motorcycle before and after each ride to ensure the bike is in good working order. Check the tire pressure, brakes, and fuel level before riding. After a ride, be sure no fluids are leaking and the lights are working. Once someone takes a few rides, this becomes a habit and second nature.

Although these tips can seem intimidating, they are essential. Owning and riding a motorcycle can be a fun hobby or pastime, but be sure to understand all that is involved before getting started.

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