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The Most Fantastic Thrillers

A thriller is a movie that makes us anxious and afraid. It would seem that why volunteer to watch horror, but the popularity of this genre has not waned. Moreover, some medical studies claim that controlled stress is good for health, trains the psyche and strengthens the blood vessels even better than games at Casino Chan or roller coasters.

Here are thrillers from cult directors with high ratings. Some are recent, some are over 60 years old, but they all make the viewer experience and perceive what he sees on the screen as something real.


The story of a “good boy” struggling to retain his sense of humor, the process of his breakdown and rebirth. The comic Arthur Fleck finds himself under the pressure of events that he can neither change nor prevent, and as a result he turns into a monster, the most dangerous and vicious criminal in the city. A quality psychological drama, without the super spectacular special effects, shootouts and chases. 

The Silence of the Lambs

To catch a dangerous maniac, the FBI turns to a brilliant psychopath, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is imprisoned for murder and cannibalism. Lecter agrees to work only with inexperienced trainee Clarissa Starling, with Lecter demanding that Clarissa reveal details of her personal life – the ones that still hurt her. In exchange for such a heartwarming striptease, Lecter analyzes the case, revealing the maniac’s character, something the intelligence services had not guessed at, and guides Clarissa in the investigation. In the finale, the maniac is caught and Lecter escapes from prison, taking advantage of the mistakes of doctor Chilton, who tried to take credit for catching the criminal.

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The movie is based on the historical fact that serial killer Ted Bundy and criminologist Robert Keppel collaborated. The rest is a fantasy of the screenwriters and brilliant acting, but the movie, along with all the bloody scenes, leaves the feeling of complete reality of what is happening.


An American remake of a South Korean movie about revenge that spans 20 years. After spending half his life imprisoned, Joseph Dusset is determined to find and punish the one who made him and his family suffer. And he finds a completely unbelievable answer that he never thought possible.

The Sixth Sense

A beautiful, albeit bleak, film about a boy visited by the ghosts of murdered people and a child psychiatrist who, after a series of adventures, manages to help him. One of the few thrillers with a lighter ending that doesn’t make you want to turn on the lights in the whole house and look around after watching it.


Fans of multi-layered intrigue and parallel plots will definitely enjoy this thriller. In 2000, based on his own script, Christopher Nolan made a puzzle film about an insurance agent who lost the ability to remember over 5 minutes of time. During the attack, Leonard Shelby lost his wife and suffered a blow to the head that damaged his brain. Leonard remembers his past life perfectly – but, like Dory the Fish, is unable to retain his memory of current events. Possessing rare tenacity and patience, Leonard embarks on a quest to find the culprit. He writes himself notes with reminders, takes snapshots of particularly important evidence and even tattoos – all in order not to let himself forget the goal. The situation is complicated by the fact that Leonard can not trust his assistants – and each of them has his own goals. It’s easy to guess who the culprit is, but that doesn’t make the film boring – on the contrary, it makes you wonder how the director will tie up the loose ends.

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The Game

What could surprise a man who has everything? Nicholas Van Orton makes no mistakes, everything always goes according to plan, without failures. Therefore, the main feeling in his life has long been boredom. Everything changes in one moment, when on his birthday he receives a deadly gift: a ticket to the game, the stakes in which could be his life.

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