Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media

Published:Dec 7, 202312:25
Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media

Surya Web Series || Episode - 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media
Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media

Surya Web Series: Shiva, I don’t have a lighter…do you want me to get it? No need, I’ll smoke later Bro? Swami? How much do we have to pay the shopkeeper? It’s 534 Swami make a note of everything…I’ll pay you later did I ask for money? Don’t ever talk about it again Shiva, do you want Idly? I don’t prefer eating someone else’s food. Don’t you think it’s a mistake? I asked you if you want to eat Idly, not my brain. You need to stop cheating people After a while, you won’t even realize whom you’re cheating It’s up to you S

hiva, why is he always sleeping? Isn’t it going to be hard on him? Maybe he’s sleeping to forget his hardships…

Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media

Surya Web Series || Episode - 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media
Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media


Now that you talk about sleeping…last night I had a dream about finding a time machine Is it? What did you do with it though? Instead of delivering from one location to another…I delivered food from one dimension to another And I got gold and diamonds as a tip from the king When a beggar found a golden plate…he started begging with that plate instead of selling it and making money. What you said earlier sounds exactly like this. Happy, You’re jealous of me Surya, how did your interview go? He left at 8 and he’s back by 9, by this you need to understand that he got rejected after the first round Swami, what will you do if you own a time machine? I go to all those people who rejected my supermarket idea and ask them why they rejected me nice Surya, what will you do if you find a time machine? Surya? he’s asking you only Surya, rejections are common during the interview process.

You don’t have to feel so much about it Subbu? you said you got through the 1st round right? How did your 2nd round go? I got rejected in the HR round Surya also got rejected, come and comfort him Learn to speak according to the situation I have an interview next week, I need to prepare Subbu gets rejected every week, but he never gave up and is always ready to face the next one And here you’re all low after just one interview Leave him alone for a while, come here Won’t you leave? I’m not getting any orders You’re so doomed Didn’t we study anything in engineering? Recently when Anjali was talking about a few of our engineering topics…

I don’t even remember studying them She asked me if I actually studied CSE and even I had doubts about it too Raghu, what did you write during your exam? It’s ok, tell me the truth I wrote all nonsense Arjun, what did you write? I wrote movie stories, Swami, what did you write? I rewrote the whole question paper Even I don’t remember what I wrote None of us wrote answers but all of us passed engineering But, we have B.Tech degrees and we are Engineers Bro, I have a doubt Did they favor us bypassing us, or did they fool us by doing so? We spent 10 lakhs and 4 years on engineering, I wasted it all I feel ashamed of myself 10% of India’s poverty is due to us All the middle class or poor parents only think about their child’s education because they think that’s the only thing they can give their children is proper education.

They take loans to support our education It’ll all be fine with we get a job but if we don’t… Dude, do you know what poverty is? The degrading of our lifestyle is called poverty We committed a huge mistake Arjun, you asked me about what I’ll do if I own a time machine right? I’ll go into my past and study really well Shiva, what you told me is right…life is all about making mistakes and rectifying them I made a mistake and I’ll rectify my mistakes now Surya? What are you doing here? I was… Why are you standing out? Let’s go inside What is this Dad? Oh, it’s a photo frame How did you come so early? How did the interview go? Meghana, why don’t you chop these onions for me? Surya, did you forget something? Sorry, Dad. They asked people below 70% to leave. My percentage is 69.5% so they asked me to leave even without taking an interview.

Didn’t they tell you about this before the whole interview process? They told it today because many people turned up for the interview It’s ok, let bygones be bygones. Go have the sweet which mom made. Laxmi, get him sweet Why all that now? I didn’t even get the job. I worked really hard and all that is a waste now You can estimate a warrior’s strength only after a war. Also, is it food or money to get wasted? It’s knowledge. You studied now and don’t worry it’ll be useful in the future for sure Don’t you remember what’s today’s day? It’s our parents Anniversary. anniversary? That’s the reason mom made the sweet I never took you guys for an outing…let’s go out for lunch Search for a restaurant where we can have good food within 3 thousand.

Yes dad, let’s cook at home. Brother cooks really delicious chicken. Going out is a money waste, it’ll be just us 4 even if we go outright? So let’s just cook at home together Yes dad, let’s cook at home. Brother cooks really delicious chicken. Laxmi, did you notice? Our son is talking about not wasting money. He’s getting on the right track, he’s learning to be responsible. Let’s do as you wish Go check your clothes ok dad You shouldn’t be spending your free time with your family but rather you should make yourselves free to spend time with your family. Let’s take a selfie The pictures so good, senior. Everything’s fine but I guess someone’s missing in the pictures. Sir, order? What do you want to have? I don’t want anything, order something for yourself. Why? Order something…

I don’t want anything Stop it One Dahi Puri and one Watermelon juice You are mad? Won’t you check your surroundings before talking? What’s wrong? I missed the job with .5% Senior, we can’t change the past…so why think about it? Past is past, stop thinking about it I’ve been planning to tell you something for so long but I didn’t tell you because I was worried about your reaction. The way in you’re using to get a job itself is wrong What do you want me to do? You shouldn’t be trying for jobs as a fresher because it’s been 3 years since you completed your engineering… I wanted to tell this to you back then itself but then I didn’t want to disappoint you. Why don’t to learn a course which is offering good openings right now.

I feel it’ll be better if you base your resume on that… Urgh…Is compulsory that I learn another course I only know Manual testing…I’m trying for jobs in that field itself Presently, there are not many calls on Manual testing. There are calls only on Automation and Robotic testing… Anyway, I taught you the basics of programming right? Learn Python, there are so many openings in that and you’ll definitely get a job Senior, we’ll have to work hard only until we get a job right? Anjali, do you think I’ll get a job? I’ll learn whatever you ask me to, I’ll do everything you say…I want a job Anjali… What’s wrong? Don’t get so emotional… You’ll get a job for sure to eat I’m back…

I’m doomed Come let’s have food Why are you standing like that? Come sit Why didn’t you invite me to the party? Even I would’ve joined right? I would’ve come if you had at least ordered So seems like the notification is like an invitation to you Nice…nice wow What did you order just a single chicken biryani? They’ll be only 1 leg piece in it… What will you have? It’s ok, I anyway don’t eat non-veg on Sunday….so you have the piece and give me the rice ok sir idiot Sir, the hotel guy also cheated us…he gave small pieces instead of leg piece Give me one piece I’m eating cashews instead of chicken Give me one piece No…it’s Sunday today my bad Sir, they opened a new restaurant and they have many offers…order from there the next time you order I’ll give you coupons if you want Sir, Cigarette? You’re happy right? Let’s go, Ok sir, give me a 5-star rating You’re irritating your customers so much…don’t you think delivery boys who’re actually genuine will get a bad name because of you Aren’t you irritating us? You ask us to get cigarettes when we are delivering during the nights…you start abusing us though we are only a little late..

When you suddenly change the address and we say that we can’t come…you call the customer care and complain about us… Because customers like these aren’t the good customers also getting a bad name? I understood now, what you told is right. Friends? Friends. There’s a party next week, be there. Ok, bro doesn’t forget to give a 5-star rating Bro huh? We are here to meet Shekhar. Please have a seat Don’t be stressed, they might have called you because they liked your approach Stay confident, it’ll be fine Who is Swami? Me Sir is asking you to come in I stay here only, stay confident.

What will you have? Coffee or Tea? No sir, I’m fine. My team saw your email and we find it very impressive. thank you sir How are you planning to collaborate with the business? I’ll explain it to you Yes, carry on. we reside at a prime are and our store is located at the center of the area it’ll be easy for the customers to come to our products are of very good quality That’s it sir my idea is to turn my general store into a supermarket if you agree on collaborating with me Nice, but we don’t collaborate like that… I really liked your detailed explanation thank you, sir, I’m ok with doing business with you but you’ll have to deposit 15 lakhs? Can’t it happen without that? Got it, man.

But we also have a few rules and regulations. The deposit is compulsory I can help you with the payment…ok I’ll talk to my team and revert to you okay? Thank you sir You have my personal number right? yes, sir, You can call me anytime Best of luck Thank you sir bye It’s fine to Give it to me let’s go Tell me what actually happened? Is the insult you? No, he was actually very warm but he asked me for a 15 lakhs deposit What did you say? What’s left to say? I anyway don’t have the money so I just walked away… It’s fine, there are many more supermarkets left I’ll drop you at the office and leave, I need to meet Anjali… ok I guess this is only the shop Yes, this is the shop Hello sir? I’m talking to you only What do you want? Are you Swami’s dad? Did he fight with you? No Did he take a loan from you? no Then, yes he’s my son.

What’s the matter? We are here to talk about a business deal Business? Yes, What business? Send groceries from your store to our restaurant for a day we will continue buying from here if we like it ok how is your business Monthly 10 lakhs? ok, Can you supply such big quantities? We have a godown I can give you in bulk quantities Alright then note our restaurant’s details Talk to our owner once You said we should go somewhere in the evening where? Let’s go I’ll tell you to sit Mall or movie? Ameerpet understood You will have a lot of opportunities in Python Please wait for 2 minutes There is a demo class in two days you should attend ok thank you Excuse me Tell me regarding which course have you come here We are thinking about Python ok, in which year did you pass out? 2017’s been long.

Why? can’t it be that long? Ok, What do you do? I work at ValueTech ok Tell us about the course, ok Since it’s been three years since you completed your engineering it would be better if you learn data science, machine learning, and AI along with Python. they’re in so much demand We make your work on a real-time project that can be included in your resume which adds weight to the resume And the total course fee is 25 thousand You have daily two hours classes and a lab facility too The lab assistants are also there to clear your doubts will the fee be 25k for sure? yes, We have experienced lecturers here the theory class coat 20k and the real-time project costs 5k We have a demo session in two days make sure you attended it and if you like it you join the course ok ok, you explained really well about the course…

Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media

I’ll recommend it to all my friends we’ll get back to you, let’s go to The course… I’ll tell you, come on both of them are crazy Why won’t you talk about the institution? She says it’s 25 thousand and you look ready to agree Learning the course is good for us only right? Anjali I don’t want to learn it now I will take care of the money I told you I don’t want to Its okay senior– Shut up! You spent a lot on me already you are not able to answer your dad when he asks about your salary It doesn’t matter if it’s a small amount, listen to me for once Why aren’t you talking like you normally do? (murmurs) You asked me to shut up didn’t you? Fine sorry, talk Fine let’s do one thing I will teach you the theory part of python and data science and since the real-time project is only 5k you can do it there it’ll cost us only 5k and it’s easy to manage 5k Isn’t it a good idea? Senior we are on the road… ok, sorry I’ll take leave bye-bye Surya come let’s eat No mom you eat.

I have work I showed your horoscope to the priest the last time I went to the temple He said there is a fault in it Maybe that is the reason you are not getting a job Go to the temple once and do an offering to God you will get a job Why are you laughing? Mom, it’s me who prepares and attends the interview what did God do in between You don’t know anything… listen to what I say and you will get a job Ok I will do it Call your dad once I need to talk to him it’s connecting Hello? Tell me, Laxmi My aunt called I should go to the village Why? there’s some ceremony of her daughter so they asked me to come when? 10th of next month… Ok, next month, right? I will book the train tickets Ok, have you eaten? I am going to eat Ok I am hanging up ok Ramana Reddy, your box looks so huge…what’s the occasion? My son scored well in groups so my wife made all this for all of us congratulations thank you, groups, huh? It’s a big deal…

full of money also he worked really hard for that and he got it Narayana, it’s been 3 years since your son completed engineering right? what’s up with him? he’s trying for a job why is he still trying? it’s been so long right? all of our friends are in a good position Ramana Reddy’s son also cleared groups…. don’t worry, he’ll get settled even we struggled so much for these job rights? your kids got it soon and my son will also get it not everyone’s life is the same what you said is true Narayana, my son cleared it in 3rd attempt all we can do is having faith in our kids they themselves will get on the right track when they learn being responsible yes ok pass on that box, it smells so good what’s that? tastes good, have it Narayana Sir, someone’s here for you I’m coming…. have it, it tastes so good to have food and then go it’s ok, I’ll be back soon I’m here to meet my brother-in-law, I’ll call you later how are you? did you have lunch? come let’s have lunch I already had I would’ve come myself if you called me once.

Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media

Why call? I wanted to talk to you directly What is it? There is my daughter’s function next month… I need 50 thousand You need to arrange it somehow It’s been three years since you borrowed 7 lakhs and I didn’t ask you Yes you are paying interest but I want it in 10 days It’s urgent so don’t say you can’t What Narayana? Ok, I should leave I have a lot of work Tell my sister I said hi don’t forget about it, I’ll keep calling you to please 50 thousand huh? what’s wrong? come on eat What happened Narayana? You are quite Eat I’ll eat later the curries taste so good I have some work Narayana, where are you? eat and then leave I’ll eat for 5 mins only right? curries also taste so good…eat and leave seems like you’re learning python and data science? There are a lot of good opportunities so prepare well You are working hard for a job huh? What about what we all have said? Mom and dad also told you so many times you didn’t care Anjali told me to prepare that’s the reason I am preparing really well for the job what about.

what did we tell you all these days? both mom and dad also requested you so much to study you didn’t even care why do you boys never pay heed to what parents say but do it immediately when their girlfriend tells them to Maybe that’s what’s love is Anyway, all I care about is you doing good in life She seems like a nice girl Sister in law I’ll call her that only after marriage You said you got a job didn’t you get the offer letter? The company asked for a confirmation letter Then why don’t you give it? I got another job too so I am thinking about what to choose between the two here I’m waiting for at least one job to come my way and you have options to choose Just go down Fine 2 companies huh? Hello Surya? Hello? It’s me, Suresh Yes tell me.

I have your number The other day you told me you were good at manual testing right? yes, I’m good at it There is a vacancy in my team for manual testing I was reminded of you, so I am calling I am the one who is going to take your 1st round if you manage the HR and the manager then the job will be yours is it? thanks, brook, I’m at the office. I’ll WhatsApp you the mail ID, send me your resume okay? okay ok, bye Didn’t you have your lunch? the bag seems heavy I had work in the office so I wasn’t able to eat Surya, why do you look so happy? (if I tell them now and don’t get it then he’ll feel bad) I am talking to you only there’s no reason…shouldn’t I look happy? I shouldn’t miss this chance there are still calls in manual… how will I be able to pay 50 thousand? what am I supposed to do?

Surya Web Series || Episode – 5 || Shanmukh Jaswanth || Mounika Reddy || Infinitum Media

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