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Sunny Leone partners with HeyHey! to launch ‘I Dream of Sunny’ fan verse

Sunny Leone partners with HeyHey! to launch ‘I Dream of Sunny’ fan verse to mark her birthday: Sunny Leone has always charted her own path, be it in the world of entertainment or entrepreneurship, by successfully establishing herself as an actress and dancer in the film industry, launching her own cosmetics lines and even acing stand-up comedy.

 Sunny Leone Partners With Heyhey

And now, by collaborating with HeyHey!, an online platform powering experiential engagement between celebs, influencers and creators globally via new-age tech, the actress is all set to venture into the exciting and intriguing realm of gamification. What’s more, she is extending an invitation to her fans and followers into that world!

On her birthday, Sunny will launch the ‘I Dream of Sunny’ fan verse owned by Suncity media and Enterprises. ‘I Dream of Sunny’ is a never-seen-before product that combines NFTs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), fan verse, gaming, lucky draw, winning combination and other similar terms—all rolled into one.

In order to be a part of this unique offering from the actress, it is important to purchase NFT cards first, made available on the ‘I Dream of Sunny’ website. Buying these utility NFTs gives access to the actress’ private discord server.

That’s not all, there are 4 different NFT card variants in the categories which are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Joker which assist in playing the game, and each card comes with bonus features, which will give access to Sunny directly. They can be in the form of an interaction with Sunny on Zoom, on Instagram Lives, shout-outs from the actress, an opportunity to have coffee or even skydiving with her in Dubai.

Buying the NFT cards is the first step towards being eligible to indulge in the world of ‘I Dream of Sunny’ gamification. To further understand how to play the game, log on to www.IDreamofSunnyNFT.com to read the rules and regulations section.

Talking about the new venture, the actress said, ““I wanted to mark my birthday by launching something which is unique and something which hasn’t been done before. I decided to enter the world of NFT through Utilities and gaming because I felt this would help me maintain my connection with my fans better while giving them a unique and fun game at the same time. The concept of a fan verse appealed to me the most and that’s how my team and I decided to create this world where people could connect with me through the game. I am looking forward to my fans obtaining NFT cards and taking part in the weekly game that will be conducted on my private discord server. I will be announcing it on my Instagram handle and other platforms as well weekly to make sure we maximise our reach. I am looking forward to this exciting new world and like always, want this to be a success.”

Commenting on the partnership, Caleb Franklin – Founder & CEO – HeyHey Global, mentioned, “While the NFT industry is rapidly growing, it has also opened a gateway to fan verses and new forms of interactions between celebrities and their fans. Sunny’s collaboration with HeyHey for the ‘I Dream of Sunny’ fan verse is a testament to how celebrities are seeking ways to empower their fan bases with personalised experiences via new-age tech like Web3. And we couldn’t have been happier to facilitate the same for the actress and her fans.”

Fan verses like the one launched by the actress allow for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get access to your favourite star. It also indicates how the future of entertainment and wealth-building will be combined to make inroads and give people new experiences while nurturing mutual benefits for both celebs and their fans. While its AI background has been created by rosebud.ai, HeyHey! is the technology partner in this venture.

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