Shipping a Car to California Is Convenient and Affordable

Published:Nov 26, 202316:21
Shipping a Car to California Is Convenient and Affordable
Shipping a Car to California Is Convenient and Affordable,

Shipping your car to California can be convenient and affordable with various auto transport companies offering door-to-door service as well as enclosed shipping options.

The Golden State offers numerous tourist attractions and business opportunities, while being home to some of the nation's largest cities.

Open Carrier

The cost of open carrier car shipping can depend on a number of variables. Your chosen vehicle, scheduling flexibility and choice between open or enclosed carrier transport all have an effect on pricing; prices tend to increase during summer when demand is highest and decrease during winter when demand decreases.

Open carrier transport involves sending your vehicle alongside other cars on a multi-car hauler, making this the most common and least expensive method of car shipping. However, it should be noted that your vehicle may be exposed to adverse weather conditions and road debris during its journey.

Your truck driver will inspect your vehicle twice during its delivery process: once when picking it up and again when arriving at its final destination. Doing this allows you to identify any new damage as well as settle any disputes about existing damage claims. 

Ideally, it would be beneficial if you were present during these inspections, however if unavailable a representative can be authorized instead.

Be sure to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before transporting it, not only to prevent them from becoming lost or damaged during travel but also so as to reduce weight and thus cost of transporting.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed carrier car shipping methods utilize large, full-size tractor trailers that transport cars in a fully enclosed environment. 

Those wishing to transport expensive, exotic, vintage, and classic vehicles often prefer this method as it offers more security and protection compared to open carrier shipping - not to mention more personalized customer service as carriers and brokers may pay closer attention to each individual car instead of multiple ones at the same time.

The main downside of enclosed transport is its higher cost compared to open transport; you should expect to pay between 30%-40% more for this service. But for some individuals, paying that additional expense may be justified, especially when shipping high-end sports or luxury cars.

People choosing this method should also keep other considerations in mind, including checking a car shipping company's credentials with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and having a six-digit MC Docket number. You can visit this site for more information.

You should read reviews on various websites as well as ask the company for references from past customers and ask if they can accommodate special requests such as lift gates and ramps for low clearance vehicles.

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-door shipping is an increasingly popular car transportation method that entails vehicle pickup, transport and delivery directly to its final destination. 

Unfortunately, this form of car transportation may be more costly than its traditional alternatives due to additional expenses like fuel surcharges and pick-up/delivery fees; understanding these elements will allow for cost reduction while providing a hassle-free car shipping experience.

When comparing rates, make sure to factor in all costs, including taxes and fees. This will provide an accurate idea of the costs of car shipping in California, which is important when you are budgeting for your move. In addition, off-season prices tend to be cheaper; you could potentially save money this way too!

Preparing your vehicle for the trip should be undertaken as carefully as possible to avoid damage or loss, which car shipping services suggest by removing personal items and detailing it inside and out before transportation. This helps avoid additional charges while guaranteeing it arrives in its original state. 

It is also vitally important that accurate documentation be kept before and after shipment as this can help resolve any potential issues that may arise during transport.


Car shipping companies should offer cargo insurance policies to protect you and your vehicle during transport. Some may provide extra coverage at an additional fee, while others include it within their base rates - before selecting a provider, always check about what insurance options they provide before.

Keep this in mind when comparing quotes from various car transport companies: longer distances tend to cost more. This is because carriers need to drive farther in order to transport your car from end to end, thus increasing per-mile rates.

Seasonality can have an enormous effect on rates. Many companies increase prices during busy seasons like summer. Furthermore, you should expect higher door-to-door transport fees compared to terminal-to-terminal drop offs.

When searching for a car shipping company, read customer reviews from past customers on the Better Business Bureau website. You can also check other review sites for more information. Look for companies with many positive customer testimonials. 

It is also wise to select companies offering money-back guarantees should their services not meet expectations; some auto shippers even reimburse rental costs should they fail to deliver your vehicle at its scheduled delivery window.

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