Seattle car wreck: Should you spend on an injury lawyer?

Car crashes are quite common in Seattle. Knowing that a reckless driver caused your accident and consequential injuries can be traumatizing. Washington follows the fault-based system for vehicle accidents, which is similar to the majority of other states. As the injured party, you can recover a settlement from the other side for their negligence, no matter whether you were another driver, a pedestrian on the road, or a passenger. Law firms like offer extensive support for injury claims, and if you are wondering whether you should look for a lawyer, here are some pointers to consider.

Understanding the worth of your damages

How much should you get if you file a car accident claim? That’s often one of the first questions that victims ask after a traffic mishap. The answer depends on the evidence and circumstances surrounding a case. If you have suffered a severe injury, such as a skull fracture, spinal cord injury, disfigurement, or fractures, you may receive more compensation. Besides the immediate medical care expenses, your settlement should cover other things, including pain and suffering.

Hiring a lawyer allows you to reevaluate and rethink the worth of your accident claims. While a lawyer may not be able to tell everything from the initial details, they can at least give you a proper perspective and a better view of things.

Gathering details and initiating negotiation

You would want a good offer from the insurance company, but that is unlikely to happen. Claims adjusters are infamous for their strategies and will do everything to minimize settlements for claims. With an attorney negotiating with them, you have less to worry about. Also, your lawyer will start an independent investigation to find more details related to the accident, including evidence that will prove the fault and liability of all parties involved. Lawyers are capable of understanding insurance tricks and will initiate a lawsuit when the negotiation process doesn’t work as expected.

You don’t have to spend on your lawyer

Injury law firms in Seattle will take up accident claims on a contingency fee. The arrangement is also valid for pedestrian accident lawsuits. The fee is not an upfront retainer charge or an hourly rate, which is otherwise the case with most lawyers. Instead, the lawyer gets a share of your compensation, which means you have to win for the attorney to get their due.

Call a lawyer now to find out more about car accident laws in Washington and ways to recover a settlement.

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