Saving Cash Throughout Black Friday

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Whether you like going on a shopping spree or not, Black Friday is certainly a great day to save some money on holiday shopping, buying presents for your family and friends, and maybe splurging some cash on that TV you have wanted for so long. However, finding the best deals can be tough, so follow our advice on how to best saving money during Black Friday. Top 5 Most Common Online Scams in India

Make your own wishlist

There is a range of websites on the Internet that allow you to create a wishlist of all the things you want to buy during Black Friday. Having such a wishlist can help you organize your needs and keep it all tidy. Moreover, wishlists can help you better track the prices of every product you’re interested in, allowing you to make sure that you’re really saving money when you see a deal on Black Friday.

Many websites that let you create wishlists also feature price comparison between many different stores and retailers. This can be very useful, especially when online shopping, as you can easily figure out which retailer offers the best discounts.

Take advantage of newsletters

When preparing for your Black Friday shopping spree, it is always good to have as many sources of information about potential deals and discounts as possible. Retailers’ newsletters can be a great source of just that, as they frequently send out the newest promotions through the newsletter to their customers’ email addresses. Think about which retailers will be the most important to you during Black Friday and sign up in advance.

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While newsletters can be very useful when hunting for the best deals, they can easily clutter your email inbox, especially if you sign up for a lot of them. To avoid unnecessary spam, you can create a separate email address just for the purposes of Black Friday. When signing up for newsletters at your favorite retailers’ websites, use this email address instead of your regular one. This will allow you to keep your personal inbox tidy, and you can delete the extra email address after Black Friday is over.

Keep an eye on catalogs

Even though many retailers keep their Black Friday deals secret until the very last moment to surprise their customers, the majority of them still advertise their best deals in catalogs and weekly ads. When visiting retailers during the weeks prior to Black Friday, take some catalogs with you and make a list of promising deals that you’re interested in to make it easier for you to remember when the big day comes.

If you don’t feel like wasting paper and amassing pounds upon pounds of catalogs, you can make use of services such as, which post weekly ads and catalogs of retailers from all over the US. With such services, you won’t have to waste your time and energy on gathering catalogs – instead, you can browse all of them from the comfort of your home.

Register online accounts in advance

If you’re thinking of online shopping instead of driving to brick and mortar stores around your town, it is a good idea to create your online accounts in advance. Many retailers feature flash deals and promotions on their websites which only last a limited amount of time, or feature a very limited number of products. Creating an account just before your purchase takes time and you might lose out on that deal you’ve been waiting for.

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Make a list of potential retailers that you are interested in and that feature online shopping on their websites. Create new accounts for every single one of them and write down the login details so you don’t have to search for them whenever a flash deal happens. Keep an eye on those websites and frequently check for new promotions. Many retailers feature such deals as soon as midnight!

Start early!

While most people think that Black Friday deals are exclusive to the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, many retailers actually feature Black Friday discounts a week or two before it actually happens. Especially when you’re online shopping, it is a great idea to check your favorite retailers in advance for the hottest deals, as some of them may no longer be available on Black Friday.

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of online shopping and are planning on going out on a shopping spree, remember that the best deals always run out the quickest. While you don’t have to take your bedroll with you and spend the night in front of your favorite store, it is still a good idea to write down the opening times for the shops you want to visit on Black Friday. Try to order them according to their priority and start with the one that is the most important to you.


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