Rev Up Your Sale: Top Tips for Selling Your Used Motorcycle

Published:Feb 21, 202401:24
Rev Up Your Sale: Top Tips for Selling Your Used Motorcycle

When the time comes to sell your used motorcycle, you want the process to go smoothly and to get top dollar for your bike. Following some essential tips will help ensure success. Selling a used motorcycle may seem scary, but doesn't have to be hard. Take the following steps for a successful sale in every way.

Preparation Steps

Some key things to keep in mind are pricing your motorcycle right for your local market and thoroughly cleaning your bike before taking photos or allowing test rides. Know the re-sale value of your motorcycle. In addition, make sure to wash and polish every inch of your bike. Clean wheels, a shiny engine and chrome, and a washed chain signal a well-cared-for motorcycle that could command higher prices. Pay attention to small scratches by touching up paint and fixing any oil leaks. A clean, damage-free bike shows buyers you likely did not skimp on routine maintenance.

Take Great Photos

Quality photos are key for attracting online buyers. Take high-resolution pictures outdoors in bright daylight whenever possible. Get shots of the entire bike from both sides, close-ups highlighting special features, and pictures showing the mileage and VIN. Stage the bike on a clean, uncluttered background. Add photos highlighting any recent upgrades, customizations, or work you’ve done. Provide 20 to 30 clear, detailed shots for potential remote buyers.  

List the Sale Thoughtfully The details provided in your sales listing can motivate buyers. Note key specs like displacement, mileage, tire condition, and maintenance done. Mention any aftermarket exhaust, lights, or other custom parts. Share details known on service history and original ownership. Provide specifics if the bike has been dropped or damaged. Note anything unusual known about its history. Being upfront allows buyers to make an informed decision.  

Let Buyers Inspect It

Once you find a potential buyer, allow a pre-purchase inspection. This builds trust and confidence allowing the buyer to see the bike’s condition up close compared to other similar bikes for sale. Be transparent and willing to negotiate if they notice any flaws or issues. Having inspection reports, service records and a clean title on hand goes a long way towards making a buyer comfortable.

Go for a Test Ride

If local, going on a test ride is often the clincher for buying a used bike. Have the buyer show proof of a motorcycle license and insurance card first for the test ride. Start the bike when cold to avoid hiding problems. Let the buyer safely take it through the gears, and test acceleration and braking. Listen for odd noises. This gives them first-hand experience of how it handles and runs. Bringing a helmet sets the right tone too.  

Close the Deal Smoothly Once you agree on a price, take payment and have a bill of sale signed documenting the bike’s VIN, sale amount, date, buyer and seller contact info before handing over the signed title. Count the cash if paid that way. Accept a certified bank check if possible to avoid fraudulent payment. Providing fair disclosure upfront and taking the right precautions goes a long way toward a smooth sale.

Following these tips when selling your used motorcycle will help attract buyers, build trust in them about its condition, show transparency, and protect both buyer and seller in the transaction. Taking the right steps leads to successfully selling your bike for a fair price.

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