PS5 pre-order offers and worth: the place to search out PlayStation 5 in inventory

PS5 pre-orders saw a second round this week, with retailers GameStop, Very, Currys and Game offering up new console on Friday. After the initial launch saw PS5 pre-orders snapped up in minutes, Sony issued an apology and advised customers to keep in touch with their favorite retailers, because more would be on their way. 

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We certainly saw that second flurry we were hoping for this week, so over the weekend it’s worth keeping an eye on those retailers below. Keep checking their PS5 pre-order pages (you never know if you might land lucky), sign up for email notifications, and keep an eye on Twitter as well. 

We expect more retailers to open their books again shortly, which means you’ll want to gear up for another round of PlayStation 5 pre-order madness this weekend or next week, and we’re showing you all the best places to head to when those units to come available. 

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During the first wave, PS5 sold out within minutes – seconds even when Walmart replenished both the standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. Customers didn’t even have time to check out, as the store’s website crashed.

Don’t let that happen to you. It may be your only chance to buy a PS5 in 2020, as some stores, like those in Australia, are tacking PS5 pre-orders for 2021. Yes, it’s becoming that much of an issue ahead of the November 12 launch date.


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  • Amazon: pre-orders live previously – stay tuned
  • Walmart: pre-orders turn on and off – refresh daily or hourly
  • Best Buy: pre-orders live previously – more on the way
  • GameStop: out of stock online – pre-order in store
  • Sam’s Club: pre-orders live previously – more on the way

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