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Oscar Profitable Designer Paints Her Home Black to Commemorate BLM Protests of 2020

The United States of America witnessed one of its most important movements this year in the form of Black Lives Matter and on top of that, it also suffered human loss due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to commemorate the year, Academy Award winner Production Designer Hannah Beachler has painted her house black including the walls, the exterior, blinds, roof and window frames.

Beachler, a resident of New Orleans, posted pictures of her newly furnished house on Twitter and was showered with praise by netizens, who were impressed with her creative efforts.

In her tweet, posted on November 27, Hannah captioned the pictures, ‘*Clears Throat* To commemorate 2020 I painted my house BLACKITY BLACK BLACK BLACK!!! Holla.’

The post was accompanied with three pictures of the exterior of her newly decorated abode.

The snaps showed how everything from the wooden cladding, roof, window frames and even the door shutters had been painted black. While the front door was kept white, Beachler made sure to opt for black blinds to add to the full effect.

Beachler, who did not complete the work by herself, added it took professional painters two months to complete the project

In the following tweet, Beachler explained “Paint High Gloss and light reflects. Color won’t change how your house reacts to humidity. Just a note! Glad people are vibing on it. My neighbors have been great!”

The tweet has received 162k likes as followers expressed their adoration. One user commented, “I LOVE your house✨”

Another user said, “The layers of subtle and overt genius of this… 🙂 No kidding, Miss Hannah, you are SUCH an inspiration to me as an artist. This reminds me of the unparalleled powerful, proud and insistent beauty of #Lemonade, *which needs to be in a museum!!!*”

The coronavirus pandemic left the United States in lockdown and even claimed 1.45 million lives worldwide with 13.3 million cases and 2,66,000 deaths recorded in the US alone. The US has been the worst affected country in the world.

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