Omega Watch: From Olympic Games to Outer Space

Omega watches are the most popular watches at all times. Even before, these watches have proven their functionality and performance. Omega continued to produce quality watches up to this day and can be seen in sports events, Hollywood films, and space voyages. It has truly made its mark on the watch industry and in watch coolers and enthusiasts’ hearts.

So, if you want to know more about this amazing watch brand and why it deserves the recognition it gets, then keep on reading. Who knows, you may even want to get yourself your very own Omega watch after getting to know more about it!


Omega Company started in 1848. Omega is the last letter in the Greek Alphabet that means perfection and accomplishment. It was established by a 23 years old Swiss named Brandt, Louis. For over three decades, Louis Brandt was successful in marketing his craft.

His two sons, Louis-Paul and Cesar, became in charge of the company after he passed away in 1879.

Louis-Paul and Cesar Brandt moved to Biel, Switzerland, and produced their customized watches like Labrador and Gurzelen in 1885 and Omega Nineteen-Line in 1892. Omega Nineteen-Line became famous because the Brandt brothers, together with their company banker, Henri Rieckel, named the company after it.

In 1903, Louis-Paul and Cesar Brandt died. Four people took over the company, including Emily Brandt. At that time, she was 23 years old, the same age when the founder, Louis Brandt, established the company.

Breakthroughs of Omega Watch

Aside from producing wristwatches, Omega made other types of watches. The 1905 Switzerland Olympic Games used an Omega timekeeping watch. During the 1932 LA Olympic Games, also chose Omega to be the official timekeeper.

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Omega’s popularity spreads all over the world including, the United Kingdom of Great Britain. There, Omega became the official timekeeper of the British Royal Flying Corps for their combat units in 1917.

The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1948 by releasing its iconic, The Seamaster watch. That centennial product became the best-seller of all time in Omega’s record of the sale.

In 1936, the English Observatory of Kew-Teddington awarded Omega with World Record Time Accuracy. In 1952, they received the Olympic -Cross of Merit for their service to the world of sport.

Omega’s Speedmaster watch became famous in 1962 when Wally Schirra, an astronaut, used it as a stopwatch and display watch chronograph, during their Mercury Sigma 7 mission. Three years later, The NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration was sponsored by Omega for another task on space.

Aside from Wally Schirra, another astronaut named Buzz Aldrin used the Omega’s Speedmaster as a clock during the lunar voyage in 1969 until 1970, when they safely went back to earth. Omega and NASA, up to this day, are working together to produce tools they can use for future missions.

Omega’s popularity in the market skyrocketed when actor Pierce Brosnan, also known as the 1990’s James Bond, an intelligence agent, wore the Seamaster watch.

Top Selling Models

As of 2021, Omega has 596 unique models of watches released around the globe. There are four classifications of Omega watches: Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, Omega Seamaster, Omega Constellation, and Omega Deville.

According to TWC, a Japanese online shop, Omega watch price ranges from 199, 900 Yen or 1, 825.54 US Dollars up to 4, 228, 800 Yen or 38, 618.47 US Dollars. The price depends on the dial, case, movement, band, and features of the watch. It also determines whether the watch is back in stock, a best seller, featured, or sold out.

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Omega Speedmaster

On July 21, 1969, they made Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph for a lunar voyage known as the Apollo 11 mission by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. Armstrong’s watch was kept in Washington DC’s National Air and Space Museum. Aldrin’s watch was misplaced during their journey back to earth in 1970.

Omega Seamaster

They designed Omega Seamaster for water resistance. It can withstand a pressure below sea level of 600 to 1 200 meters. Omega Seamaster Professional 400 model, Omega Seamaster Diver 300M, and Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M were the most popular Omega Seamaster watches of all time. Famous actor Pierce Brosnan, wore Omega Seamaster during the 1995 James Bond film.

Omega Constellation

Aside from being used for space voyages and sea activities, Omega introduced the Omega Constellation in 1952. There are two types of Omega Constellation. Both were made for flex because of their elegant look. A typical Omega Constellation watch has a color combination of gold and steel, while the Omega Constellation Luxe was finished with gold and platinum.

Omega De Ville

They made the very first watch of this type in 1967. Omega Seamaster inspired the design of this watch. When they finished the Omega Constellation Luxe which has a classic and straightforward design, and the brand received multiple awards because of this type of watch: Grand Prix Triomphe and “Golden Rose” both were received in 1970.


As of June 1 to 30, 2021, TWC released its ranking in terms of sales and popularity of the Omega watch. Omega Seamaster got the first and second spot. Omega Speedmaster got the third and fourth spot.

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According to the TWC, most of the buyers like grey and black-colored watches, with stainless or “rose gold” band material and water resistance ranging from 50 meters up to 600 meters.

Aside from the four Omega watches, there are two unique types: The Omega Special and Omega Pre-Owned. The difference between the two is that Pre-Owned Omega watches were used before and sold again in the market for a negotiable price. There are few minor scratches, but everything works well.

Omega Special watches are rare. In TWC, there are only three models: The Black Dial, The Pink Dial, and The White Dial. Price ranges from 647, 900 Yen or 5, 897.08 US Dollars up to 3, 624, 704 Yen or 32, 991.44 US Dollars.


In the present time, Omega is still making the best models of watches that are viable for work, study, and even for flexing purposes. Whether we like it, Omega will go down to the history of humankind as one of the best watch companies in the world. Thanks to Louis Brandt and other notable people who took over the company since its establishment in 1848.

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