Nipah virus in Maharashtra; How is the virus transmitted? What are the signs? Everything you need to know

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While the coronavirus has unfold in Maharashtra, the information is popping out which is including to the considerations of the state. Nipah virus has been discovered in two bats in a cave in Mahabaleshwar in the Satara district. This is the first case of the Nipah virus in the state. Where was the virus first discovered? An in depth overview of how the Nipah Virus transmitted and the way to deal with it, Symptoms, Causes, and so on.

1. Where was the virus first discovered?

Nipah (NIV) virus may cause severe sickness in each people and animals. NIV was first detected in 1998 in pig breeders in Malaysia. Nipah then unfold throughout the world. Tigers are the pure carriers of the virus.

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2. How is Nipah Virus unfold?

As tigers are pure carriers, they are extra doubtless to turn out to be contaminated with Nipah in the event that they eat or lick the fruit. Also, Nipah might be contaminated if it comes in contact with contaminated sufferers. Experts say that NIV will also be transmitted via direct contact with contaminated tigers and pigs. Humans are extra doubtless to be contaminated with the virus, primarily via the eyes, nostril, and mouth.

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3. What are the signs of the Nipah Virus?

Symptoms embrace fever, physique aches, issue respiration, headache, heartburn, dizziness, fainting, and concern of sunshine. Doctors and nurses who deal with such signs could also be in danger if they don’t know the virus.

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4. What is the therapy for Nipah Virus?

There is no definitive treatment for this viral an infection. Due to the unavailability of medicine and vaccines for this illness, the mortality price due to an infection is additionally excessive. The Nipah virus doesn’t unfold as quick as the swine flu. However, the variety of deaths due to Nipah virus is increased than that of swine flu.

5. What is the major therapy?

As quickly as the an infection is detected, the affected person is handled in the intensive care unit. There is no vaccine to stop illnesses brought on by this virus. The incubation interval is 5 to 14 days after an infection.

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6. When did Nipah Virus come to India?

Earlier in India, 66 Nipah sufferers had been discovered in Siliguri (West Bengal) in January-February 2001. Of these, 45 sufferers died from the virus. In April 2007, 5 Nipah sufferers had been discovered in Nadia in West Bengal. All 5 sufferers had died.

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7. Remember this too

One tiger doesn’t infect one other tiger. One tiger is contaminated with the virus and the different tigers produce antibodies. Therefore, since they are not contaminated, it shouldn’t be assumed that each one tigers have the virus. Few tigers are contaminated with the virus.

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