New Wall Textures for Your Stylish Home with Berger Paints

Published:Mar 29, 202414:28
New Wall Textures for Your Stylish Home with Berger Paints

Transforming your house entails more than adding appropriate furniture and selecting the most stunning decor pieces. The colour of your walls is an essential factor in improving the appearance of your house. 

So, are the plain walls no longer fitting into your vision and style for your new home? Rest assured, several innovative ways allow you to add an element of intrigue and interest. When a home appears lackluster, one often immediately thinks of colour as the primary solution. This is where texture paint can be equally effective in rejuvenating a room. Wall texture design can range from intricate and strikingly beautiful details resembling artwork to simpler yet captivating focal points in any desired room or space.

Let us walk you through some of our favourite Interior Designer Texture Paints from Berger Paints' luxurious collection.

What are Wall Texture Designs?

A wall texture is a pattern or design a painter or designer can add to a wall. You may choose a modern, fashionable, kid-friendly, or royal texture paint scheme for your hallway, bedroom, or other area. These textures can be created by forming patterns and differences on the painted surface using tools or manipulating putty.

Significance of Wall Texture Designs

Create a Polished Appearance

Textured walls are common in Indian families. Even though the styles vary widely, most homes have sheet-rocked walls with texture. The texture's familiarity among most people might help to give the walls a polished look. It is often the final step of building a new home or remodelling an existing one, signalling that the walls are ready for painting.

Establish a Distinct Aesthetic

Wall texture can be utilised to provide an aesthetic and unique look. This is due to the different methods for applying wall texture. If you want to include wall texture in your design, you may experiment with it or hire a professional.

Top Wall Texture Designs to Consider for Your Stylish Home

Take a look at the top wall texture designs from the designer finish collection of Berger Paints:


This texture is ideal for those who want a basic bedroom décor. Think basic yet innovative with a nature-inspired, soothing olive green texture as an accent wall in your bedroom. Inspired by the rough patterns of midsummer mist and tarnished metals, this texture will surely captivate you.

  • Base Coat- Vintage Aegean Mist 4P0977

  • Top Coat- Metallic Fresh Mint IM3B

Stone Edge

Use this lovely texture to add a touch of old Stone Age art to your home decor. Give your walls a legendary look and enhance the appeal of your new home. 

  • Base Coat- Silk Ebony Coast 8A1840

  • Top Coat- Metallic Black Diamond IMBC


Transform your wall into a canvas and decorate it with stunning laterite art. This texture wall design is truly a masterpiece that sets your home walls apart.

  • Top Coat- Non-Metallic Greystone Cellar 8D 1710


Enjoy the beauty and brightness of winter all year long with this texture that is as distinctive as a snowflake.

  • Coat- 7D1494 Marble Clover Park


This wall texture pattern is both unique and attractive. It will make your walls appear so appealing that everyone will take a second look. 

  • Base Coat- 2T0692 Vintage Sun Room

  • Top Coat- Metallic Gold


Texture patterns are widely popular and serve as straightforward ways to add character to your home. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or any other area you wish to enhance, incorporating texture design concepts could prove beneficial. With options ranging from flora and tempest to marble, autumn, and inferno, there are numerous textures to choose from. Consulting your interior designer can help you identify the most suitable look for your space.

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