New social media rules announced: What it means for you and bloggers, YouTube, Instagram influencers

To convey transparency on social media, the Promoting Requirements Council of India (ASCI) has launched draft pointers for “influencer advertising” on digital media. ASCI famous that influencer promoting has develop into mainstream. “So, much of what influencers post is promotional and a lot of it is not identified as such. Such non-disclosure is a disservice to consumers and is misleading.
As per the new guidelines, all influencers will have to disclose if a certain creative post, video or written content is an advertisement or not. Also, if there are product placements, the same needs to be clearly mentioned with a pre-approved disclosure label. Also, they cannot tweak the disclosure label and will have to adhere to only permitted labels. This rule is applicable for all social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs and other video platforms. Almost all forms of paid content, advertisements online must be highlighted clearly so that the audience can clearly understand that it’s a sponsored content.
ASCI also noted that influencers can’t get away with adjectives like “fastest speed”, “best in class”, and so forth. “The influencer must do their due diligence about any technical or performance claims made by them such as 2X better, effect lasts for 1 month, fastest speed, best in class etc. Evidence of due diligence would include correspondence with the advertiser or brand owner confirming that the specific claim made in the advertisement is capable of scientific substantiation,” ASCI stated in a media assertion.
The rules for influencers promoting on digital media will probably be obtainable for all stakeholders, together with trade, digital influencers in addition to shoppers for suggestions until March 8, 2021. Primarily based on the suggestions and inputs, the ultimate pointers will probably be issued by ASCI by 31 March, 2021.
As soon as finalised the rules will probably be relevant to all promotional posts revealed on or after 15 April 2021. “The digital space is vast. However, promotional content is often indistinguishable from regular posts. Consumers have the right to easily recognise promotional content. The guidelines will help consumers identify promotional content,” stated Subhash Kamath, Chairman, ASCI.
As for movies, the brand new pointers makes it clear that within the case of video not accompanied by a textual content put up, the disclosure label needs to be superimposed on the video in a fashion that’s simply seen to the viewer.
“For movies that final 15 seconds or lesser,the disclosure label should keep for at least 2 seconds. For movies longer than 15 seconds, however lower than 2 minutes, the disclosure label stays for 1/third the size of the video. For movies that are 2 minutes or longer, the disclosure label should keep for your complete period of the part during which the promoted model or its options, advantages, and so forth are talked about.
For dwell streams, the disclosure label needs to be positioned periodically, for five seconds on the finish of each minute in order that customers who see a part of the stream can see the disclosure, added ASCI.
ASCI additionally launched a prepared reckoner for influencers for various platforms.

-Instagram: Disclosure label to be included within the title above the picture/starting of the textual content that
reveals. If solely the picture is seen, the picture itself should embody the label
-Fb: Embrace the disclosure label within the title of the entry or put up. If solely the picture/video is
seen, the picture/video itself should embody the label eg FB story
-Twitter: Embrace the disclosure label or tag in the beginning of the physique of the message as a tag
-Pinterest: Embrace the disclosure label in the beginning of the message.
-YouTube and different video platforms: Embrace the label within the title / description of the put up.
-Vlog: Overlay the disclosure label whereas speaking concerning the services or products
-Snapchat: Embrace the disclosure label within the physique of the message at first as a tag.
-Weblog: Embrace the disclosure label within the title of the put up.

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