New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) Increases License Fees By 7% For Fiscal Year 2021-22

Published:Nov 29, 202303:57

NDMC Raises License Fees By 7% For 2021-22, Maximum Hike For 5-Star Hotels

Maximum hike in the license fee is for the five-star hotels

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has increased by up to seven per cent the annual fees for grant and renewal of various trades licenses for 2021-22, including those for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, lodging houses and sweet shops, officials said on Thursday. The maximum hike in the license fee is for the five-star hotels, which were earlier required to pay Rs 61,200 per annum. They will now have to pay to Rs 65,484 for the purpose, they said.

"The hike in the license fee for the year 2021-22 will be implemented with effect from April 1. There would not be any increase in license fee for small kiosks and stalls," a senior official of the the civic body said. The annual license fee for butchers, fish-mongers and poulters has been increased from Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,284, officials said.

Guest houses with up to 20 beds will now pay Rs 2,568 instead of Rs 2,400, those with 21-50 beds will pay Rs 6,527 instead of Rs 6,100, those with 50-100 beds will pay Rs 13,054 instead of Rs 12,200 and those with over 100 beds will pay Rs 26,215 instead of 24,500, officials said.

The license fees for cafes and coffee shops with more than 50 seats has been increased from Rs 12,200 to Rs 13,054. Office canteens, sweet shops, gyms, circuses and auditoriums were charged a license fee of Rs 1,200 which has now been increased to Rs 1,284, officials said, adding that cinema halls, dancing halls in hotels, clubs and spas will pay Rs 6,527 instead of Rs 6,500. 

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