Nationwide Boston Cream Pie Day twenty third October

National Boston Cream Pie Day

Which one do you prefer most- butter sponge care or chocolate? Rich custard or cream? Or a combination of yellow butter cake filled with cream or custard and topped with chocolate glaze. Yummy! right? It is popular with the name Boston cream pie. Today is National Boston Cream Pie Day and we wish you warm greetings on this day. The day is celebrated all over the country having a chocolate frosted and custard-filled cake on the menu.

National Boston Cream Pie Day Date

National Boston Cream Pie Day is celebrated on 23rd October every year across the country with a lot of joy and fun. It is a great day for pie lovers and cake lovers.  Though the name is Boston cream pie, it is actually a cake that is chocolate frosted and custard-filled. You already know what Boston cream pie is and now it is the time to have this delicious dessert on this day. Celebrating Boston cream pie day started a very long ago and the day is becoming more popular day by day.

Interesting Facts about National Boston Cream Pie Day

Every celebration has its own history. As well as other national celebrations, National Boston Cream Pie day is also observed with great interest and enthusiasm. There are a lot of interesting and important facts associated with the day and celebration. However, some of the most important and interesting facts about Boston Cream Pie are mentioned below:

  • Boston cream pie was first made in 1856 in a restaurant inside of Boston’s Parker House hotel.
  • The name of the person who made it is Sanzian who is a French chef.
  • At that time, he was hired by the hotel founder to create an awesome menu for the restaurant.
  • The name of the Hotel founder is Harvey Parker.
  • Just after creating the cream pie, it got huge popularity.
  • The original building of the hotel is no longer exists.
  • The hotel was rebuilt in the same place and now it is known as the Omni Parker House.
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Celebrate National Boston Cream Pie Day

What would be the best way to celebrate National Boston Cream Pie Day rather than eating some cream pie! On this day, you can try a lot of recipes. But the best idea would be to try the original one. If you can directly visit the Parker house in Boston, it would be great and you will have a wonderful celebration.

Another thing you can do to celebrate the day is to prepare Boston cream pie on your own and enjoy it with your friends and family members. After enjoying the cream pie, you can post photos on your different social media accounts and spread the joy.

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On the occasion of Nation Boston Cream Pie day, you can also enjoy the event by having some other foods like donuts, chocolates, coffee, and others. No matter where you stay on this day, do not forget to invite your friends and dearest ones to have some cream pie and make the day a very special one.

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