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Movies and Series You Should Watch if You Are A Taylor Fan

Recently, Taylor Swift’s new song album, “Midnight”, has been on a booming trend, and fans are going crazy. The theme of Midnights is introspection rather than innovation. These 13 tracks are “a compilation of music composed in the middle of the night, a trip through terrors and wonderful dreams,” as Taylor Swift has long stated in her poetic jargon. 

Taylor has always been a sensation, especially for her fans. So, why miss out on Taylor’s favourite movies? Below are some of the movies you should watch if you are a Taylor fan:

1. Greys Anatomy

Greys Anatomy
Movies and Series You Should Watch if You Are A Taylor Fan 1

Everyone who follows Taylor Swift knows how much she enjoys the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Taylor Swift has frequently gushed about how much she adores the Shonda Rhimes-produced programme. Taylor Swift’s fascination extends beyond her mere discussion of Grey’s Anatomy. The Grammy Award winner even gave Dr Meredith Grey, the main character of the programme, the name of one of her cats.

2. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
Movies and Series You Should Watch if You Are A Taylor Fan 2

The Hunger Games is remarkable since Taylor contributed two songs to the soundtrack, even though it wasn’t the first time she had a role in a film. One of the few non-instrumental songs in the film is her song “Safe and Sound,” which featured The Civil Wars and was the first single from the accompanying album.

3. Killing Eve

Killing Eve
Movies and Series You Should Watch if You Are A Taylor Fan 3

Killing Eve is yet another Phoebe Waller-Bridge movie that Taylor Swift adores. Taylor Swift expressed her appreciation for the programme and stated she had never seen such a “lovable psychopath” in the same interview. By coincidence, Sandra Oh, who portrayed Dr Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, also appears in Killing Eve.

4. Fans

The Fleabag television series, created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is not just popular with fans. In an interview with a media outlet, Taylor Swift admitted that she loves Fleabag. She playfully acknowledged that she was now a church disciple. Fans of Taylor Swift are eagerly awaiting the possibility that one of her songs will ever be included in the movie or that Swift may appear alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

5. Something Great

Something Great
Movies and Series You Should Watch if You Are A Taylor Fan 4

The movie Something Great is another online resource Taylor Swift is sucked into. The main character of this programme is a young woman who has a difficult breakup and needs the support of her friends to go on. During Ellen’s Burning Questions, Taylor Swift discussed Something Great. Given how much girl power and peppy music are included in this performance, it is no surprise that Taylor enjoys it.

6. Game of Thrones

 Game Of Thrones
Movies and Series You Should Watch if You Are A Taylor Fan 5

This selection by Taylor shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how popular Game Of Thrones was among celebrities. The show’s influence on people’s hearts and minds endures even after it has ended, and Taylor Swift is one of them. Many fans have even compared the aesthetics from Game of Thrones to Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do music video.


Without a doubt, Taylor Swift is a legendary singer. From her songs to her albums, everything about her seems perfect. So why miss out on her favourite movies? We’re sure you are going to love it as well!

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