Most Hazardous Truck Accidents

Even though most truck accidents impact the victim in terms of injuries and other damages, there is a specific situation that might put everyone at risk. Generally, in truck accidents, the significant impact is always sustained by the opposite party traveling in a car or small vehicle. However, when the situation is complex, the injuries and damages can significantly impact the victims, sometimes resulting in a fatality. 

While it is crucial to driving carefully on the road, accidents are inevitable. While you might not be able to escape a hazardous situation, you must ensure the steps after the accident must be taken under professional guidance. For example, you must call a doctor to treat your injuries immediately and contact a truck accident attorney Ontario, CA, to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

Most hazardous truck accident 

  1. Jackknife accidents 

Jackknife accidents are one of the most prevalent accidents seen with semi-trucks. In this type of hazard, the semi-truck rolls over itself, causing a 90-degree angle which leads to a first falling motion. 

Generally, these collisions occur when a truck driver applies brakes suddenly or with a lot of force. This causes the truck’s weight to shift in the front resulting in an induced motion of the vehicle and finally turning over. 

Most of the time, these accidents cause severe injuries to the people involved. For example, if there is a car driving in front of the truck, it will almost get smashed as the truck turns over on it. As a result, most victims do not survive these accidents, and even if they do, they sustain long-term injuries which might even last a lifetime. 

  1. Tire bursts or blowouts
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Most trucks are used for commercial purposes. However, sometimes these trucks carry heavy equipment inside them, which results in increased stress and pressure on the tires of the vehicle. Due to such immense weight, tire blowouts have become quite common among truck drivers. 

Nevertheless, these blowouts are extremely dangerous for people traveling around these trucks as the trucks are much higher than a car truck’s height taller. The vehicle often comes in contact with the tire, which means the car will directly face the impact of the tire blowout. 

When the tire bursts out of immense pressure, often the force of air is severe. The tire blowout caused an accident on the road resulting in casualties, or the victims sustained severe damages and losses. So it is to ensure that you avoid driving parallel to a truck or maintain a safe distance from the vehicle. 

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