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‘Monoliths Disappear, Pretend Information Would not!’ PIB Reality Examine Highlights the Have to Deal with Unfold of Unsuitable Data

Monoliths have been the theme of the season with one popping up every now and then in different countries. The structures made netizens quite curious as they appeared and disappeared in different places. Meanwhile, brands jumped into the bandwagon making funny posters about the mystery of monoliths. And now the Indian government wants to deliver an important message about fake news through the monolith game that is currently happening. They took to social media with a photo of monolith saying that fake news doesn’t disappear like monoliths, so it is important to tackle it. The caption of an image of monolith reads ‘Monoliths Disappear, Fake News Doesn’t!’ What if Monolith Appears in India? Desi Twitterati Have Best Reactions You Just Can’t Miss, LOL at These Funny Memes & Jokes While Mystery Over the Metal Structure Intensifies.

PIB Fact Check tweeted saying, “Fake News doesn’t just disappear like the #Monoliths! Join us in this mission to break the chain of #FakeNews. Send Govt. related queries here.” The fact check section of PIB brings fake news to light and create awareness about checking the facts news before believing in a piece of news. The section often busts fake news regarding government schemes and policies. What is A Monolith? Utah Monolith Location? Know The Meaning of This ‘Mysterious’ Geological Structure And Famous Monoliths Across Countries.

PIB Fact Check on Monoliths:

The first monolith disappeared from Utah, after which monoliths appeared and disappeared in Romania, California and UK. Recently two monoliths were spotted in two places in Poland, one in the city of Kielce, and the other one on the riverbank in Warsaw. Monoliths garnered a lot of interest from social media users with people coming up with various theories about the structure. Many suggested it was the work of aliens or some other extraterrestrial forces.

The group of artists The Most Famous Artist claimed the authorship of the two monoliths that appeared in the United States. They rose to fame in 2017, when they intervened the iconic Hollywood sign, changing it to ” Hollyweed .” To prove that they were creators of the sculptures, they shared supporting images on social media.

Meanwhile, the government and offer organisations have been trying to reducing the spread of fake news by bringing the truth to light. As responsible citizens, it is important to ensure we do not forward any unverified piece of news. Let’s check the authenticity of the news before sharing it on social media platforms.

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