“Minitool’’ The best data recovery tool for free!

What is the benefit of using Minitool?

Why should I use Minitool? It is a basic question that may arise in your mind while downloading the Minitool. Well, different aspects lead you to attract to this wonderful idea of Minitool software. It is completely a free software program that is made for the benefit of millions of users. Below are the most important benefits of using Minitool-

  1. It supports scanning hard drives, memory cards, SSDs, etc. on windows compatible devices making your task easy and less time-consuming. 
  2. It also helps to recover the data that has been lost because of human errors. 
  3. The data lost due to the system crashes can also be recovered easily.
  4. It also supports 100 kinds of files including videos, photographs, audios, etc. 

Recover your data with the support of Minitool

There may be many technical faults occurring in your device. Don’t worry about them, Minitool is a software device that helps you to recover all of your data that has been deleted due to any reason such as file deletion, virus invasion, disk failure, file system error, etc.

How can you recover accidentally deleted files?

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“Minitool’’ The best data recovery tool for free! 1

    If mistakenly you have deleted your important files or formatted the USB drive, then you don’t have to worry about it. MiniTool software program will make it easy for you to recover all your files at a very easy step. We also don’t charge you for this. You can easily recover all your deleted files from the SD card.

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“Minitool’’ The best data recovery tool for free! 2

How can a virus affect your file?   

Virus attacks may lead to OS crashes or hard drives being inaccessible. Power Data recovery can be used to recover your data again if there is a virus invasion in your device. It helps to get all the important files back to your drive. 

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Rapid definite Location Recovery   

The tools of MiniToll helps to add various recoveries like Data recovery, recycle bin recovery, and many more. You can choose to only scan the Desktop, Recycle Bin or a specific folder to get deleted/lost files back, which saves you much time and effort.

How Power data recovery is powerful?

The files that are lost due to physical damages may sometimes show access denied. But with the effective algorithms of Power data, your file can be easily restored and can be saved on your device.

MiniTool- the right file recovery software

Minitool helps you to recover the data from multiple devices. The recovery of your data becomes an easy task with the Power data recovery tool. This free data recovery application conveys relaxed data recovery resolutions on HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD card, and other storage devices. Quickly recover lost/deleted files easily. 

USB flash drives, usually useful for file transmission among devices, are easy to suffer files damage. With free pen drive data recovery software, vanished files can be rapidly taken back. SD card/memory card supplies data for cameras or mobile phones. With MiniTool, SD card recovery and Android data recovery are likely by attributing the SD card to the computer.

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“Minitool’’ The best data recovery tool for free! 3

Minitool makes your task easy by bringing your deleted files back to your device. For this, you just need to follow these simple steps given below-

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  1. Select device to scan-

For recovering all of the deleted data firstly you have to select the device and scan it. This will make your work easy and effective. This will also not take a long time as it is just done in a few seconds. You just need to scan the device whose data you want to recover again.

  1. Preview the found files- 
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Select the files that you want to recover again. There will be lots of data available there. So choose the file that was deleted accidentally by you. Carefully preview all the files and choose them.

  1. Select the files to save-

The last step is to save the files again on your device. The preview files need to be added back to your de4vice and for this, you will need to save them on the required device. You can now easily access the files again without any changes formed in it after recovering. 

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