Message of the Day (September 1)

Published:Nov 26, 202315:46

Message of the Day – By Renooji


Simply heal, so that everybody heals!

Steady enchancment out of your non secular consciousness and consciousness will take you on a brand new path to happiness. You have to give your consideration to the world solely to heal extra, so that you're at all times meditating on Divine Consciousness, it's value it. Each second of your life must be stuffed with love. You've been blessed with this treasured uncommon human life to domesticate divine love. No worldly love can match this divine love. You should be very secretive about your love and attachment to the Divine. If you develop such love, then you definately turn out to be the beloved of the Divine. What extra are you able to achieve on this human life? That is the best aim of human life. Carry on looking for it day and night time as that's what is anticipated of us. Hold therapeutic in devotion. Therapeutic hugs to relish this love. Love from the golden mild.

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