Meditation can greatly benefit humanity during this Covid-19 crisis, transition: Tanushree Dutta

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Far away in a remote location in California, US, and surrounded by nature, actor Tanushree Dutta has been finding peace in meditation and imbibing the spiritual wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, which she feels can help keep one’s mental health in check during this ongoing global Covid-19 crisis.

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She is also, thus, curating an online meditation workshop in the desire to be a “pillar of strength for those who are weak, a guiding light for the blind and lost, and a beacon of hope for the broken and hopeless”. 

“I’ve been a spiritual seeker all of my life and an active meditation practitioner for the last 10-11 years. So I guess it’s a natural flow for me to become some sort of a teacher/ healer and coach eventually, to help people deal with their anxieties in a holistic way. I know not only meditation, but also energy clearing and healing techniques and many other subtler things that can greatly benefit humanity during this crisis and transition,” Dutta tells us.

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Pointing out at how life hasn’t been always easy in the last 12 years for her as she stayed away from Bollywood and films, she says, “I’ve lived these years with a smile on my face, a hopeful heart and steely determination to improve my life, and overcome whatever difficulties I have faced. I’ll now teach others the same.” 

For months altogether, the 36-year-old had been in the thick of the #MeToo row in India. Now that she’s away, is she a little more at peace?

“Yes, definitely. I’m always more at peace when I’m not in the middle of battle and the #MeToo movement in India was nothing short of a vicious battleground. Too much toxicity, negativity,hatred and backlash for standing up to my rights and those of others… All this does wear and tire a person down, but I’m still holding up and fighting the good fight because of my spiritual backing and connections.”

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The “mental baggage” of being criticised and trolled over her weight is also something she has dropped to “stay in peace”, but of late, Dutta has undergone a drastic weight loss, making her feel “like a new person altogether”.

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