Marina Von Lison: A Name Ravishing Her Existence

Marina von Lison- an entrepreneur, an influencer, a model, and an editor-in-chief of an annual high-end Elite Club Magazine, and the managing director of Elite Club World- is a renowned personality holding gracious applauds for her idea towards life and her constituent endeavors.

Recently, we had the honor to speak to Mrs. Baroness Marina von Lison. Sparing some time amidst her blocking schedule, Marina who has always had a knack for the beauty pageants ever since she was a kid, revealed to us her plans for the near future participation at the Miss Europe Continental – renowned Beauty Contest that will take place in November 2021 in Naples.

  • It is an honor to have you amongst us, Marina. Thank you for sparing some time for the interview. To begin with, we would love to get some brief on your expectations from Miss Europe Continental?

I would like to thank you for having me. As for the Miss Europe Continental, being able to participate at the Beauty Contest has always been my dream since I was a kid but I had always had other priorities. Now the time has come and I am ready to win. Of course, I’m expecting this beauty contest to be free from any form of window-dressing, to be fair. I’m eagerly waiting to share the stage with other co-finalists, ravishing the challenge, setting the standards higher. I don’t say I’m perfect to win, but I say we all will get to learn so much from this contest. And nevertheless, this contest is going to open doors of opportunities for everyone, with a chance to propel to a better standpoint. I already have some plans thriving in my mind, in the scenario of winning this event.

  • How are your preparations going on?

Since I gave a birth last year, I have to put in a lot of effort to get back in my pre-pregnancy shape. I do Pilates, yoga, I love walking and it all brings satisfactory results. Since I don’t get just enough time to sleep, I pamper my skin with some beauty products under the guidance of my cosmetologist. That’s what I do for my physical shape. Not to forget about intellectual capabilities: always find time to read and learn something new! Beauty without brain is not sexy!

  • Any message for your competitors?

I am eagerly waiting to meet and interact with you guys. Just stay true to yourself and work hard! We all are winners no matter who is crowned at the end of the day. We all are already winners in life in certain things as we were born as women and mothers and should carry this legacy with pride!

  • A Few words about your other future projects?

Apart from my biggest and the most important project in my life, being a mom, I am very much in to our family business- luxurious networking international business club! We are expanding world wide and more and more strong people from different business areas are joining us. Recently the annual Elite club magazine 2021 with Plácido Domingo on cover has come out and working on it between mom’s duties was a real challenge for me but thank God we have a professional team.

Moreover, recently I’ve been announced as Road Safety Ambassador from the UN program to help to protect our children on the roads. This a very delicate and significant topic to work on and I’m extremely honored to be able to contribute.

I’m partially talking about it in the interview for one of the most powerful and famous German TV channels RTL. It’s been a great pleasure that such a prestigious TV channel who reports  about the most successful female leaders and celebrities offered me to be their story.

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