Looking to Buy New Earphones? 5 Options for the Music Savvy Crowd

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What characteristics do you look for when you buy earphones/headphones?While there are many models to choose from, your intended use should help to narrow your options significantly.Of course, sound quality is important to everyone; however, for some, deep bass is essential, whereas others prefer open, full-range reproduction that emphasises overall accuracy.Isolation, comfort, weight, portability, and fit are also important considerations.

Whatever your wish list may be, here we bring you the best earphones you can buy for yourself right now.

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Find below some of our handpicked options in earphones: 

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Red Hot


Red is a colour that makes absolutely everything more interesting. And this stylish AF wireless neckband from Fastrack’s Reflex Tunes collection is no exception. Breakfree from the ordinary black and grey earphones and go for these electric and exciting red wireless earphones instead. They do more than just provide you with a fantastic sound experience; these earphones are also a statement-making accessory. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and buy earphones online from brands like Fastrack.

Grey Magic


Want to be that cool, mysterious guy/girl in the metro who is unbothered about everything except their tunes?Well, you’re just one order away. Get these Reflex Tunes over-the-head grey headphones from Fastrack online, and you’re already there. Complementing all your outfits effortlessly, these headphones are all you need to raise your style quotient. These active noise-cancelling headphones have 20 hours of music playtime, quick pairing, savage design and immersive sound quality. So, get the best of everything as you buy earphones like these online and be a trendsetter!

Serene White


Need a new pair of wireless neckbands? Look no further than this ultra-stylish pair of earphones from Fastrack. With the best quality sound and a stunning design, these earphones are worth every penny of yours.This practical yet pretty neckband comes loaded with features like an inbuilt mic, IPX4 water resistance, quick pairing and a flex form cable for a comfortable feel!

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Everyone’s Fav Black


We all love black accessories, right? Well, these dashing black Bluetooth headphones from Fastrack are no exception. We bet that the moment you laid your eyes on this one, that was it!

Not just an eye candy, these headphones bring with them upto 14 hours of playtime, quick pairing, inbuilt mic, IPX4 water resistance and whatnot. Leave no tune unheard as you put on these headphones to kick start your morning workout/run!

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Sleek and Casual


Like to keep it simple yet playful? These earphones from Fastrack can be your perfect everyday companion. As light as 24 gms, these earphones sit perfectly on your neck all day without causing any strain or hindrance. With IPX4 water resistance, you no longer need to worry about your long sweaty runs ruining the gadget

Some more features:

  • Hands-free calling
  • 1-year warranty
  • Voice assistance
  • Durable buttons for grit
  • Quick pairing
  • Stylish appeal
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS
  • 6-8 hours battery life

You can use specifications to narrow down your options and identify those that are best suited to your favourite style of music, the environment you’ll be using them in, and the audio gear you’ll be using with them.After that, you should look over reviews available online to see how well they actually perform.Brands like Fastrack have always been a step ahead in both technology and style. So, make a wise choice and visit their website to explore different products at affordable prices online as well as in stores!

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